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I just updated my blog to share the construction of my Hazardous Zero 9 Merlin Rocket in Austin, Texas - USA. In May, I braced the building frames, joined the centreboard case to the hog, joined the hog to the apron and to the transom.

But the most challenging task by far was joining the garboard planks... in 30°C to 35°C weather.

If you are interested in my project, use the link below to visit my blog. Comments are welcome.

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Posted: 10/06/2013 05:26:13
By: Julio Arana
Its coming along well, as you say next part the planking is the fun part as your boat will appear
Well done

Posted: 10/06/2013 06:25:17
By: rob 3708
What a perfectionist, I am most impressed with the grain being completed over both garboard planks. And your comments help any struggling boatbuilders.

As for having problems with `high temperatures',-------------------- just please stop it.

Posted: 10/06/2013 10:18:26
By: Richard
Rob, thank you. I really look forward to seeing the hull done so the next few weeks should be a lot of fun.

Hi, Richard. Glad you liked the update. As for the weather, I understand. We badly need some rain so I'll gladly send you sunshine and heat in exchange. One way or another, no one needs extreme weather. I am hoping we won't get above 40°C this summer so I can prime, paint and varnish the boat. Else I'll have to wait until the fall to do it and that would be a disappointment... Ok, I'll stop now.



Posted: 11/06/2013 04:53:07
By: Julio Arana


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