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I've just agreed to buy 3488, Guy Woods boat.  She's a Turner-built Canterbury Tales, GRP hull and wooden decks.  Generally she's in good order, but the deck varnish is cracked and peeling in several places, and on the carbon Chipstow mast there is a small section just above the hounds where the track is detaching itself from the tube.

Now I could varnish the decks myself; I know which end of a brush to hold, and occasionally I can even get the stuff to stick to the boat! Basically I know what I like wooden decks to look like and I know what the results of my own handiwork would achieve. We're looking at a mismatch of truly staggering proportions...

So; can anybody recommend a boatbuilder / repairer within reach of SW London who could take them back to bare wood and do a really nice two-pot job for me? And if you've had this done recently, might I ask what it cost?

As to the mast, it's a small repair but my knowledge of carbon fibre work is roughly commensurate with my ability to paint and varnish! Once again, if someone can recommend where to take it for repair I'd be very grateful.

Posted: 30/05/2013 21:09:19
By: Derik Palmer
Hi Derik,

I can only recommend Laurie Smart based in Haywards Heath, West Sussex. Not at all a long trip from SW London. As for the price I am not too sure as it is a while since I last had decks revarnished but I doubt you would get much change out of £5-600. I am sure there are plenty who can advise on price as he has had a steady flow of merlins through his boatshed recently.

As for quality, well just take a look at the link of 3708 Wicked which Laurie built recently and varnished. Varnish work by the way was done by hand!!

Contact details are: Lawrie Smart, 07976 536922

Goos boat 3488 so look after her. Good luck

Posted: 30/05/2013 21:45:31
By: Richard Battey


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