Topic : Pole beady things

I want to make up a pair of the "sex toy beady things" that run along the pole. I recall Jonny mentioning that they were torlon balls strung on a bit of welding wire. Anyone got part numbers / suppliers? I guess that the balls must have been about 8mm diameter.

Any ideas?

Posted: 19/11/2012 07:21:36
By: Andy Hay - Business as Usual
Its also been done with a tufnol or ptfe ring. I think the balls are much smaller than 8mm, 5 at most.

Posted: 19/11/2012 07:26:05
By: Chris M

Picture of pole beady things.......More images on the same Face book pages if interested

Posted: 19/11/2012 13:06:43
By: Haysey
Just so we can all use the correct terminology...

Posted: 19/11/2012 16:19:32
By: Mags
So, Harken 8mm torlon traveller car balls - parrel beads if you like - correct Dave? I presume that Jonny used his workshop skills to drill each one out? 20 per side?

Do they need to be torlon - surely they are not under a great deal of load, so can I not google (other search engines are available) "8mm plastic beads" and get a packet of 50 from an online retailer for £1.99 + P&P? So long as they rotate, we should be OK. Or £33 + P&P for a pack of 100 Harken 5/16" ...

Posted: 19/11/2012 19:37:03
By: Andy Hay - Business as Usual
Andy that last post whilst being intresting in a "geeky" way and no douby full of intresting info just did not capture the attention in the same way as the "sex toy beady things" thread did!
We are Merlins a sassy class lets stick with the sexy stuff !!

(note to self you really should not post after drinking wine......)

Posted: 19/11/2012 23:42:22
Mags started it ...

Looks like I can get some Lewmar 5/16" balls locally, so just got to work out how to hold them whilst I drill them out.

Posted: 20/11/2012 06:52:45
By: Andy Hay - Business as Usual
Use a vice.

Posted: 20/11/2012 10:33:05
By: Ben 3634
I was thinking of using some masking tape ....

Posted: 20/11/2012 11:58:43
By: Andy Hay - Business as Usual
Hi Andy, I'm fairly sure the beads are only 5mm dia and this years spec is a polymer bead which has been ok. Jonny did drill out Harken bearings for Stealth - but has now got bored doing that. All held together on welded stainless wire. 

The rigid collar design previously mentioned is more likely to add friction and stick on occasion - we believe.

3734 Black Boat.

Posted: 20/11/2012 16:00:26
By: Haysey
Can you reveal your suppliers Haysey?

Posted: 20/11/2012 18:19:59
By: Andy Hay - Business as Usual

Posted: 20/11/2012 20:23:01
By: Andy Hay - Business as Usual


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