Topic : Wanted - Old Buoyancy Bags

Ross and I are finally at a stage when we are fitting out the inside of our old river boat and are after some old buoyancy bags so we can judge where to fit the fastening straps.

If you have any old/unwanted bags (long skinny ones and front tank)then we'd be glad to take them off your hands.

Many Thanks

07812 350286

Posted: 15/06/2011 10:15:10
By: Alex
Good God, she's finally nearing completion!

After a decade of bimbling and the Jackson attention to detail, this should be spectacular!

Where's she going to be based then? (there's only one right answer here Alex! :-) ) Looking forward to seeing her.

Posted: 15/06/2011 11:53:23
By: Tim
It's not quite a decade,....we've only had her in the garage for the past 7 years, that's far less than Tomahawk that still resides in the Perkins garage rafters.

Posted: 15/06/2011 12:18:54
By: Alex
unfortunately I think it'll be more than another seven years be fore tomohawk gets lowered

Posted: 15/06/2011 17:07:56
By: Hywel jnr


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