Topic : tacking the top batton

I had trouble again last night with persuading the top batten to pop over. I suspect this means that I have some of the rig controls set wrongly as I had no similar problem on my first two outings. I can't figure out which controls would have the appropriate affect. Can you help?

Many thanks


Posted: 20/05/2010 09:28:38
By: David R
Tighter kicker seems the most popular route

Posted: 20/05/2010 09:49:58
By: Garry R
Some people find a bit of tension on the cunningham works.

Posted: 20/05/2010 11:08:27
By: ..
Search the forum using the box near the top of the main forum page, and you will find several previous discussions.

I believe the most important factors are kicker, batten tie tension, and technique of roll tacking.

Posted: 20/05/2010 11:31:36
By: Mags
Thanks everyone. Sorry for forgetting to search the forum first. I guess I though that nobody else would have had such a basic problem!

Posted: 20/05/2010 13:03:08
By: David R
The batten was so much cursed at Hunts at the weekend that the air should have been blue :-)
A slipping halyard meant ineffective kicker and in the light airs the batten wouldn't tack without it. I (crew) ended up shortening the kicker rope twice to get some purchase and then just hauling the kicker as we tacked.

Posted: 20/05/2010 13:40:13
By: Pat2121
Yes, if you want the kicker slack when sailing, you can ask the crew to pull on it during a tack (they just grab the purchase all together, midway between boom and mast foot).

Posted: 20/05/2010 14:29:32
By: Mags
A little kicker can help but not to the detriment of the sail trim.
On some sails the luff tension can effect the top batten, be careful the main halyard is not over tight and there is no cunnigham.

Posted: 20/05/2010 14:54:06
By: WP
Was there a lot of roll tacking to get the batten to flip every 20 yards?

Posted: 20/05/2010 16:15:52
By: Garry R
Garry, I thought that was the whole point of the top batten! In the light weather at Salcombe last year I was amazed at the constant rocking and rolling. the top batten was to blame!

Posted: 21/05/2010 10:23:25
By: Keith Callaghan
My point obliquely made!!

Posted: 21/05/2010 12:18:21
By: Garry R


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