Topic : Salcombe Seedings

Annual Alert!!

The seedings for Salcombe 2010 will be being formulated in the coming days.

I have a number of special requests already, any others must be with me by the end of this week, 30th April.

Usual caveats - will try and accommodate, no promises, don't assume that previous years' requests will register etc....

The clock starts ....NOW!



Posted: 26/04/2010 21:29:39
By: Seedingsmeister
Oh Seedingsmeister, oh Seedingsmeister, your devine guidance is saught.

Although our fine vessel has had success in the blue waters of Salcombe, this was with experienced hands at her helm. I am a mere novice in the control of the flighty fillie that is Business as Usual. I have never yet finished a race in those cursed waters (I have started two with Enchantment, work that out!). A new team will be sailing together for the first time while my beloved wife and crew is nurturing the next member of the Merlin Rocket family. So all in all a bit of a baptism of fire.

A location in the busom of the Black flight would be a profound honour.


Actually, my family and I will still be on a ferry back from France on Sunday morning, so it would be a shame to have a discard off the bat ...

Posted: 07/06/2010 20:38:50
By: Andy Hay - 3626 Business as Usual
Have these seedings been decided now then?

Posted: 07/06/2010 21:07:55
By: Jez3645
Am I being really thick and completly missed the seedings? How does Andy know what flight he needs to be in if they have not been posted?

I have looked everywhere and can't see them.

Posted: 07/06/2010 21:42:07
By: Jez3645
Jez, the NOR has the flights on it - see your Entry Form.

Black / blue race on Sunday afternoon, so by process of elimination I need to be in one of those flights. We are on a ferry back from France which will not land in Plymouth until 7am, rush back home, hitch up the boat and get to Salcombe (about an hour from here). Not a chance of making it for a 10:30 start, but might do 14:30, hence my request.

Actually black is due to sail afternoons for the first three days, then three mornings - would fit in with doing some DIY at home in the later part of the week as I will be commuting from Tavistock daily.

Posted: 07/06/2010 21:48:47
By: Andy Hay - 3626 Business as Usual
Right, but we still don't know who is in which do we?

Posted: 07/06/2010 22:08:49
By: Jez3645
Nope, awaiting the next MR mag with interest.

Posted: 07/06/2010 22:14:56
By: Andy Hay - 3626 Business as Usual
Magazine is being printed this week so should be with you soon!
As ever I thought my flight was the worst - two potential winners in it and loads of other hard to beaters.
Then I looked at the others!!!!
But we have a piece of writing that will put it all in perspective/

Not long to wait now

Posted: 07/06/2010 23:50:30
By: Magazine Man


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