Topic : Old Merlin Magazine

On ebay from 1991

item number 110496043643

Cover shows Number 8 (Delight) sailing and this is for sale on the secondhand list.

This is for interest - I am NOT the seller and besides the postage is a bit steep!!

Posted: 19/02/2010 11:35:04
By: Garry R
It also shows 'Playing Possum' 3411 which has also just been sold.

The postage is a bit steep isn't it!!

Posted: 19/02/2010 12:14:16
By: Jez3645
The maximum e-bay allow for that category is 4.50, the p&P at 4.41 is a bit steep and pushes the e-bay policy to the limit.

Posted: 19/02/2010 19:36:17
By: alanf
If anyone's near Beccles they could offer to collect and thus save postage....

Posted: 19/02/2010 20:05:57
By: Pat2121
free delivery to any vintage event attended by Nitro crew

Posted: 24/02/2010 16:51:01
By: nickycricky


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