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Does anyone know if Speed are open this week I have been unable to get through and need some jib sheets and a cleat for Blithfield and do not want to drive to Aldridge just to find them closed.

Posted: 17/02/2010 18:11:24
By: Martin
On their website
"Sorry we are currently closed and not answering the telephone, this will only be for a short period. Should you need to contact us please email [email protected] we are working through emails in received order you should get a reply within 24 hrs. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. We thank you for your continued support and understanding during this transitional period. Speed Sails"

Posted: 17/02/2010 20:38:04
By: alanf
Anyone know whats going on?

Posted: 18/02/2010 14:26:27
By: Rob-3708
I would phone sailboats, next day delivery, good stock and they get the order right first time (unlike some!):

Posted: 18/02/2010 14:46:28
By: Dave
Is that comment a bit harsh... ?

Posted: 19/02/2010 09:40:46
By: Andy Dalby
I've found sailboats to be 'less user friendly' face to face than their near neighbours, but completely excellent on the mail order side.  I would say from my experience the reverse is true of the guys near to them. Horses for courses?
Further afield, Speeds have obviously been hamstrung with stock supply from their suppliers, but always knowledgeable about their stuff and friendly in sorting out small delays.

Posted: 19/02/2010 10:16:00
By: Shoppaholic
Waiting for a Blackie comment, but as a satisfied customer have been excellent on mail order

Posted: 19/02/2010 10:34:09
By: Andrew M
Great, but what has happened at Speed?
Website doesnt tell us anything

Posted: 19/02/2010 11:04:22
By: Rob
Speeds will no doubt fill us in when they know whats happening. The earlier poster having a dig might want to consider that much of our event sponsorship comes from chandlers and sailmakers and dissing them on a public forum may perhaps not be a good idea...

Posted: 19/02/2010 18:12:06
By: Chris m
Quite right Chris.  Speed were very generous in their contribution to last years champs and I have had nothing but excellent service from them over many years.

I have found Northampton Sailboats and their mail order service to always be prompt and efficient.

Let's support our sailmakers/chandlers - not knock them in public. If you have a complaint deal with them personally and in private.

Posted: 19/02/2010 19:49:56
By: JC
Supporting my local chandler was the point of my opening question, I got what I needed from P&B who's service was 1 st class which was exactley the same level of service I have had from Speeds in all of my dealings with them.

Posted: 20/02/2010 09:02:51
By: Martin
Any further news about Speed sails anyone.

their website seems to have crashed or been taken off. Whats happenned there

Posted: 24/02/2010 08:05:15
By: Rob-3708
Guys it's really not for us to speculate on here, if Speeds wanted to post on here to communicate with their MR customers they would have done by now. Since they clearly don't want or are unable to supply more information then let's leave them to it and shop somewhere else in the meantime.

I'm sure they will be quick to let us know when they reopen.

Posted: 24/02/2010 10:50:23
By: Chris M
I think people shouldn't write them off just yet, I do know things are in progress to keep it going!!!
Really I don't think it should be discussed to much on any forum as people can do more damage speculating and it would be unfair to anybody taking it on!

Posted: 25/02/2010 17:44:10
By: young fart!
I'm going to close this becasue it could dig a hole that has all sort of implications. From an association point of view Speeds have been, and we hope will continue to be, an important and generous sponsor of our events and we cannot risk that relationship by having bar talk to their potential detriment on the forum.

I'm sure all those who posted have the best intentions but, i say again, it is not for us to speculate in public. If Speeds have something to tell us i'm sure they will.

Posted: 26/02/2010 07:28:53
By: Chris M


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