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I wonder if any one could help?

In Jan 2007 Natalie (aka Natt) Fuller's sailing activities were put on hold due to being a passenger in a car accident and suffering bad knee and ankle damage.

After, what seems a sucessful knee operation this spring, her solicitirs are keen to close the case (liability has been admitted) and have asked if I can provide any substance to her sailing activity and potential.

I can trawl back through various results like the silver tillers/ Salcombe / Nationals and show she was competing at that level, and on a par with her older brother and in terms of potential make some comparisons.

As Natalie was not in the 'Youth Class' process she has no 'coach' that could make informed statements about what she has missed out on.

If there is anyone in the fleet, with some form of credibility (coach, Olympic medal , what ever) who knows Natalie's sailing, and is prepared to make and honest and positive statement about what she was acheiving as the youngest female helm in the Merlin 'circuit' and what damage to her potential having two years off sailing may have been made. I (and Natt) would be most grateful.

Please e-mail [email protected]

Posted: 20/07/2009 14:23:13
By: alanf


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