Topic : Salcombe Week Interflight Rounders Tournament

Right then - here goes.... 

This will take place on WEDNESDAY evening. 6pm. This is perfect for the tide and if anyone is desperate for the carvery then they should be able to get over in time....

This will be a knockout tournament. All four flight colours will go into a hat. A draw will be made to see who plays who in the semi finals. The winners of the semi finals will play a final.

Ideally each team will have in the region of 15 players, which doesn't seem so hard from flights of 48-50 people. The more the merrier so flight affiliated family members are also welcome.

Aiming for a 6pm start, estimated playing time 2.5 hours.

This will be on Mill Bay and will be a lot of fun.....

There will be prizes!!

Happy days. Looking forward to it a lot. Hopefully the sailing will be as much fun as the rounders. Possibly next year the format of Merlin Rocket Salcombe Week will change to morning and afternoon rounders matches and a sailing race on Wednesday evening for those that are interested.

See you all there.


Posted: 07/07/2009 16:11:02
By: Frances Gifford
Horray my flights through to the semis already ;-))

Posted: 07/07/2009 16:26:43
By: Ross
Not so fast. 

The Hampton flight aren't just famous for boozing you know! We're rounders specialists.

Blue is the equivalent of Murray ... all chit chat!!

Posted: 07/07/2009 16:28:46
By: Dalby
Team Tosh will be there

Posted: 07/07/2009 18:52:53
By: Tosh
Oh my god, now I am rediculously excited. I probably won't sleep from giddyness and there is definately no point in going to work this week. Excellent call, Frantastic x

Posted: 07/07/2009 23:05:17
By: Pip
Fran, Tosh and I were thinking along the lines of a BBQ and Beer night on the beach round the corner and Wednesday seamed the  obvious night. Whilst BBQ's are not allowed on Mill Bay, we could go with some 'competitive picnining' and beer to add to the fun.  (I know someone who knows knows the people who own mill bay here in the village but can't for the life of me remember who they are, or I'd ask permission for a BBQ)!


Posted: 08/07/2009 07:03:15
By: Mrs T
Fran’s rounders games can end up with the police involved, you all take care.

Posted: 08/07/2009 08:45:39
By: ..
Are you having trials for team selection?

A blue flight victory song perhaps?

And can anyone remember the rules - protest committee?

Posted: 08/07/2009 08:52:37
By: Andrew M
Hi, Y'all. I've just gotten an email asking me to come to Sall Coombe to take part in your itty-bitty World Serious. I don't get the last bit of the message - I gotta sit in a 'blue Merlin'...what is this sh*t?! Do I still have to pee in a test-tube afterwards?

Posted: 08/07/2009 09:05:03
By: Barry Bonds
hahaha, yeah you do - you big cheat!!

Posted: 08/07/2009 10:33:56
By: David
In response to a few comments above....

Amanda - coolcool, food and drinks all good, as discussed with Gina last night who was thinking about bringing the Pimms, the blue team will only be requiring energy drinks and bananas....

Pip - I love you. (in a nice non-physical kind of way)

.. (whoever you are but I think on this occasion there is a possibility you may be a longstanding friend of mine) That was a one-off unfortunate incident and I do believe the injured 10 year old passer-by made an almost full recovery....

Andrew - no trials, but possibly a little bit of practise one day after racing.... The rules will be as described by me on the day....

Franny G

Posted: 08/07/2009 16:19:53
By: Frances Gifford
"Don't tell them we're the police! We're not allowed to drink in hyde park and defo not allowed to knock out little kids."

Posted: 09/07/2009 11:47:42
By: ..2
Come on then, most important result of the week - who won?

Posted: 16/07/2009 07:13:57
By: Andy Hay - Enchantment 3386
Red flight are officially champions of Mill Bay!!!! All drugs tests were passed and medals were awarded

Posted: 16/07/2009 09:57:34
By: Pete
We had such a great time - swingball comp next year too Fran? Def the way forward.....

Posted: 17/07/2009 23:42:44
By: Mrs T


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