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Grand day today at Whitstable - we could only make it today as we were priviliged to be invited to Mr and Mrs Andy Jones' spectacular wedding yesterday.

Anyway a really good days yotting (and really cheap too - see other moronic post). Skill was at a premium and all four races were sailed in the end - a different winner in each race!

Now the Champs are really getting near - discounted entries close this week. It will be fun socially and on the water.

So, if you haven't made up your mind, decide now! JUST DO IT!
If you have never done a Merlin Champs you haven't lived.
And if you have - but are not sure if you can cut the mustard this time, don't worry just come and join in, you will enjoy and learn.
And if you are really good I guarantee you wont find it easy to win - but you will be well pleased if you do!

There is still accomodation left if you are quick. We met a really nice lady in the club called Di Leamon who has a cottage for rent VERY near the club - it looks great, sleeps 4/5 and is £750 for the week (her numbers are:01227 264719 / 07947129968)
And other options are on the champs website too

Posted: 28/06/2009 21:42:26
By: Pat Blake
Great Wedding hey Pat, lovely to see you and Jilly and Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes to Whitstable! we HAVE to get THAT band somewhere on the agenda at some point!

Posted: 28/06/2009 22:07:46
By: Mrs Tosh
Congratulations Mr and Mrs Jones!

Any results for those of us stuck at work...?

Posted: 28/06/2009 23:00:20
By: deepy
well Pat - your second paragraph sums it up for me! got a lot of new learning to - where can I get new sails before salcombe - and thanks Mikey for the on the water advice - didnt help at all with my lack of skill!

Posted: 29/06/2009 07:24:37
By: the gurn
oh - and bye the way - what a great weekend - well done all those at WYC - and still loads of friendly familiar faces - if a little older. Why did I ever leave the Merlin Class - well I never did really.

Posted: 29/06/2009 07:31:18
By: the gurn
Glen 1st, Taxi 2nd, Willie W 3rd, Matt Biggs 4th, Chris Lewns 5th, Tom Stewart 6th

Report on the way.

Posted: 29/06/2009 09:12:36
By: JC
Whitstable Silver Tiller 2009 full results now posted on club website at  NOT or you will get Waikiki Yacht Club in Hawaii, but the weather will be much the same.

Posted: 29/06/2009 10:04:32
By: Mike Fitz
Results kindly received from John and the ST overall has been submitted to Mags for pending upload. Glen has pulled two points clear now:

Place Score Sail No Helm
1 7.3 3626 Glen Truswell
2 9.3 3705 Matt Biggs
3 10.3 3691 Mike Calvert
4 12.8 3684 Andy Davis
5 15.6 3662 Dave Winder

Posted: 29/06/2009 11:59:20
By: Ross
Pat there's no fancy dress this year, what will you do without your annual chance to dress as a girl in public?

Posted: 01/07/2009 10:41:11
By: Ben 3634
do we have any proof he only does it once a year??

Posted: 01/07/2009 12:21:42
By: chris m


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