Topic : Weight carrying capacity of a ROTS design?

just picked up said boat from ebay (2480)..
I know Merlins quite well from my youth..but what's the ideal weight for crew and helm for this design..I understand it will carry weight well

.also looking at getting some newer sails for the tin deck-stepped rig..probably 2nd though..any pointers here in updating sails..the single pole system and spinnaker...Details regarding sails that come with the boat are a bit need a few basic pointers in the right direction.

I aim to sail the boat on the south coast on the sea/Chichester harbour..

thanks TimB

Posted: 10/06/2009 20:17:40
By: TimB
Accordng to the yearbook, 2480 is Allegro and is a Gregory designed Ghost Rider built by Bob Hoare in 1971.

Look out on the Forum for second hand sales or put a note on the Wanted pages.

Posted: 10/06/2009 20:23:53
By: Midlander
Sorry that's the wrong sail number...3480..built by Ron Hall in 1981

Posted: 10/06/2009 20:27:02
By: TimB
Whoops..I  meant 1991..!

sorry senior blonde moment..x

Posted: 10/06/2009 20:28:24
By: TimB
Hi Tim,

Welcome back to the class..

If you want advice on updating rig etec, probably your best bet is to come and visit us at Hayling where we have a growing fleet, now up to 10 boats ranging in age from 3532, through 3491 to 3711.

This weekend is the Silver Tiller, so there will be in excess of 30 boats to inspect and ask about, but the home fleet is active most weekends.

If you want to meet up give me a ring on 07837 239958.

Kind regards,


Posted: 11/06/2009 08:21:37
By: Measurement Man


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