Topic : Roly Poly

Captions Please ...

Posted: 30/03/2009 17:19:33
By: Roly
"What do you mean if you lean out the boat doesnt come up flat-Watch this......"

Posted: 30/03/2009 17:37:33
By: Cheeky
Mr. Hawkins, I told you getting out of your wheel chair was not a good idea

Posted: 30/03/2009 17:40:53
By: David Gates
Helm to crew:  What precisely did you have for lunch?

Crew to helm: I was reading the sailing tips for old boats in the spring magazine and I am sure that Mike Stephens said keep a slight heel to leeward in light conditions.

Posted: 30/03/2009 18:12:02
By: Garry R
Helm to Crew - Weight!!!!
Crew to Helm - I am waiting...!?!

Posted: 30/03/2009 19:26:45
By: Nickleback
....darling im just going to read about that rule 42 nonsense - im sure i tucked the rule book back here behind the buoyancy bag.  Damned cant find it - lets tack and ill have a look on the other side.

Posted: 30/03/2009 19:43:24
By: stuff and nonsense
Situation: Helm (sitting to leward) has tucked tiller extension up inside crew's trousers.
Helm: "Left a bit, right a bit, oooh spot on love!"

Posted: 30/03/2009 20:03:02
By: Scratch
there's a wasp in my drysuit Ow! Ow! Ow!

Posted: 30/03/2009 20:46:14
By: floppy
Thursday 2nd April, at 7.30. seminar on rule 42 at Tamesis!

Posted: 31/03/2009 10:39:48
By: ..
cooor that was a wet one!

Posted: 31/03/2009 11:44:53
By: :)

Posted: 31/03/2009 12:28:13
By: .....
"Darling are you sure you're only 8 1/2 stone ?"

Posted: 31/03/2009 13:29:32
..........Yes I see the rulebook now it's stuck ! A few more tacks & gybes should shake it out.........look DV's got his rule book stuck too......"

Posted: 31/03/2009 13:32:32
And this is how an Enterprise sailor might do it...

Posted: 31/03/2009 13:47:36
d'ya have to do this wiv a jacko mast?

Posted: 31/03/2009 18:07:26
By: floppy
Darling your technique is simply exquisite...

Posted: 31/03/2009 19:16:55
By: ..
toe strap! TOE STRAP!

Posted: 31/03/2009 20:23:30
By: floppy
One ,two, three and PUMP!

Posted: 01/04/2009 20:01:15
By: .
Do I look as ugly as an Enterprise helm

Posted: 01/04/2009 21:40:30
By: Popoff


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