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I have just acquired Merlin 347 from a gentleman in Plymouth, complete with wooden mast, and cotton sails. From the year book, I know it was registered late 1951 is a Rocket design by Wyche & Coppock, builder unknown, named Jonathan. I am in the process of contacting the RYA, who I am hopping will have a little more information. However is there anyone who may know any history of the boat, previous owners etc. Also any details of fittings layout on a boat of this age, as I would like to try and keep it as close to original as possible.

Posted: 26/03/2009 20:33:51
By: David Gates
Hooray, someone keeping it original. Come and join the cvrda events and race with similar boats. Handicap gets +4 for cotton sails (equivalent of +40 in PY terms) and +2 for wooden mast so you'd be sailing off 101 along with Iska (merlin 6). By comparison our 1968 merlin goes off 92 and a seventies ones off 88 so you have a good equaliser.
Roadford Lake (Devon) at August Bank Holiday is the big 10th anniversary nationals and also a de May Merlin vintage event. Please come!

Posted: 26/03/2009 21:34:10
By: Pat2121
SHe was built by her original owner. Would imagine it is a nice looking boat.

Posted: 26/03/2009 21:34:13
By: Jez3550
I understand she was redecked about 15 years ago. I have some work to do on her. The hull seems very sound. Has not seen water for about 20 years. Been stored in a garage all this time. If anyone is near the Windsor area and would care to look and give advise all would be welcome. I am sure a beer or two could be found.

Posted: 26/03/2009 21:53:03
By: David Gates
Photos in the 'vintage' and 'building/repairs' galleries might help.

Posted: 27/03/2009 09:12:53
By: Mags
Gannet 252 which I restored is also a Rocket design by W&C.  There are pictures here and on the CVRDA website.  If you like to email me I will give you my phone number and we can have a chat.

Posted: 27/03/2009 09:40:02
By: Garry R
Should have said it would have been an appropriate boat for me as Jonathan is my middle name!!!!  I hope you enjoy her - I really like mine.  I have a set of cotton sails but they need repairing when Trish gets thesewing machine in action.

Posted: 27/03/2009 09:41:28
By: Garry R
A couple of photos

Posted: 27/03/2009 09:42:21
By: Garry R
347 'Weethree' is a Rocket design and completed by Mr A H Evans from a Wyche and Coppock hull. He was a part owner with C W Potter and H E Willington all of Bristol Corinthian YC.
If you would like to contact me I can put you in touch with Anthony Evans, the original owner's son, who will be able to tell you much more about the boat.

Posted: 27/03/2009 21:58:52
By: Tony Lane
I'm all for keeping vintage boats original - why else sail a vintage boat? I shall be sailing Merlin 6 tomorrow with the tall rig and sails that haven't felt the wind for 60 years, at whitefriars' event.

Posted: 28/03/2009 20:13:04
By: chris B
Chris, did I hear your boat has copper buoyancy tasks....?

Posted: 28/03/2009 21:28:18
By: Mags
Yes they are the originals!!  And apparently they oping when they expand in the heat......  What heat!!!!!  I am sure that Chris can tell you more

Posted: 28/03/2009 21:38:55
By: Garry R
That will be "go ping" when they expand.

Posted: 29/03/2009 19:02:41
By: Garry R


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