Topic : magazines/yearbooks/silter tiller

mag looks great you should all get them early next week or come to the boat show and have a preview

please keep your subs coming in stops me having to chase people, got a lot of new members

Posted: 06/03/2009 10:29:25
By: megan
The first few copies of the Spring Magazine are off the press and Megan has them in her hot little paws!
They are going to be at the Dinghy Show at Ally Pally this weekend along with some very interesting new boats. I have heard 4 or 5 Merlins are going to be on display.
Members copies will be in the post soon when printing of Year Book and Fixtures booklet is completed - so make sure you are a member. Standing Orders realy help Megan!!

Posted: 06/03/2009 12:55:30
By: Magazine Man
ive got my paw on one standing order with no reference on it, is there anybody that thinks they have paid by standin gorder but not got their stickers

please email if you have [email protected]

brilliant pictures how doo u do it

Posted: 06/03/2009 14:10:59
By: megan
mags go out late next week now

Posted: 13/03/2009 09:51:31
By: megan
Am I? Don't tell the wife...

Posted: 13/03/2009 10:18:45
By: Mags
mags now despatched  keep the dogs of the postmen

Posted: 24/03/2009 15:44:16
By: megan
Not sure that my cat would approve of the postman's dog moving in!

Posted: 24/03/2009 19:11:13
By: Miioow!!
that dogs spelling gets worse every day!

Posted: 25/03/2009 08:12:19
By: learning difficulty
before you criticise, paws for thought - it can't be easy on the keyboard!

Posted: 25/03/2009 10:07:02
By: jc
Hear about the gay dog? Couldn't tell his pal from his lassie.

Posted: 25/03/2009 10:55:53
By: The Cat


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