Topic : Salcombe 2009

John (Murrell), Can you tell me when you start accepting entries for 2009 ?

Thanks, John

Posted: 17/10/2008 17:12:36
By: JohnB (3404)
Hi John,

I will be posting the entry forms on the SYC website at the beginning of November with the draw taking place on Monday 1st December.

I will post on the forum when the forms are on the SYC site and ask Mags to do a link from there to the MROA site too.

Posted: 17/10/2008 17:52:43
By: John Murrell
Is this being done differently to previous years then? I thought entry forms came out in the pring magazine and then it was race on for the first 90 or so to get the forms back with payment?

Posted: 17/10/2008 18:14:24
By: Martin
Meant spring mag (Doh!)

Posted: 17/10/2008 18:15:04
By: Martin
The process last year is the same as what John is doing this current year. 
It's the luck of the draw on the 1st of December which counts. Having said that and if I recall correctly, there were approx 103 boats in the draw on the big day last year.

Posted: 17/10/2008 19:15:18
By: Kev Berry
And in the end several did not turn upor race if they did.

Posted: 17/10/2008 19:34:50
By: .
Actually 97 boats were actually in Salcombe - the number of DNC's was simply down to the weather and helms' wisely' erring on the side of caution and not risking the elements. 

At one time I actually had 11 boats on the waiting list which dwindled down over the course of the 8 months - boats getting sold, changing jobs and hence holiday plans changed, illness are just a few of the excuses from memory. Oh and 2 dropped out at the last min because they had to attend an industrial tribunal! (Crews union problems?)

The moral is that if you really want to gurantee to do Salcombe Merlin Week you need to be in the draw on 1st Dec.

And unfortunately, due to the economic climate - ie you lot not buying enouth second homes in Salcombe! - Marchand Petit will not be supporting Merlin Week in 2009, however Rick and his crew have asked me to thank you for allowing them to be involved with the class for quite a few years, neither of us can remember exactly how many!

Posted: 18/10/2008 09:22:02
By: John Murrell
Personally, I would be more than happy to buy a pad in Salcombe, Its just that no one wants to sell at the money I am prepared to offer...Yet

Posted: 18/10/2008 17:33:56
By: Mr Liquid


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