Topic : Combination Road Trailor

I'm in the market for a new combi road trailor, what does everyone recommend for a new boat


Posted: 06/10/2008 21:57:11
By: Rob Holroyd

Posted: 06/10/2008 22:28:09
By: .
or west mersea. Not rapide.

Posted: 07/10/2008 07:08:12
By: Chris M
Or the winder trailer for a brand new boat, but they are rather long ie a lot of tailer in front of the boat.

Posted: 07/10/2008 07:09:21
By: Chris M
I had a nightmare of a time putting together my westmersea road base this year, which wasn't a simple job as many of the holes didn't line up for the assembly and had to be re-drilled. I'd go for the Winder personally as there wasn't much difference in price and it's ready to go without any issues.

Posted: 07/10/2008 07:41:27
By: Kev Berry
Definitely Sovereign, very quick turnaround AND you get a cup of tea when you pick your trailer up.  We even got free Welsh Harp mugs !!

Posted: 07/10/2008 14:27:58
By: Minx 3681
The best by far is the Sovereign, light and easy to use even singlehanded

Posted: 07/10/2008 16:24:40
By: Ian
Vandercraft. They make the LAser stuff I think as well as for Phantoms (which they build) and also supply Ovi with the Musto Skiff trailer etc. Also B14....

Posted: 07/10/2008 18:49:17
By: Blackie
The best thing about Soveriegn (Welsh Harp) trailers is that they are lower - you can see over the boat in the rear view mirror.
They are also very well sorted with good engineering and cradles - but so are winders.

Posted: 08/10/2008 19:42:51
By: Pat Blake
Thanks everyone, It will probably be a Sovereign, I already have an old Rapide combi which carries my old merlin.
I've decided to bite the bullet and try something completely different to a winder,
Watch this space

Posted: 09/10/2008 09:10:00
By: Rob
Hi Rob,

This sounds interesting, are we talking wood, wood sandwich or Full Force?

Posted: 09/10/2008 09:32:28
By: Chris Rathbone
Hi Chris,

Lawrie Smart, wood, Callaghan

Posted: 09/10/2008 12:55:38
By: Rob
About time too!

Posted: 09/10/2008 17:18:59
By: Chris M
140 or 170?

Posted: 10/10/2008 09:17:10
By: 3190
Something new, havent seen the lines yet, keith is working on them, aimed at the slightly heavier helm.

Posted: 10/10/2008 09:43:23
By: Rob
Good on you Rob, it only takes one you know!!

Soverign are the way to go with trailers, particularly for wood boats as the cradle sits aft of the thwart on west mersea and flexes the planking, it did on mine at least.

Posted: 11/10/2008 18:02:30
By: Jez3550
Pat, you can't see over the top of a Merlin on a Sovereign trailer if it is behind an MGB, as Jilly will remember from Queen Mary a couple of years ago!   I was very sorry about it then and still remember it.


Posted: 13/10/2008 10:52:55
By: Andrew M
It will be based on the 170 with a few tweaks I gather

Posted: 15/10/2008 13:39:41
By: Rob
Whats a 170 ?

Posted: 15/10/2008 16:22:07
By: .
See Blue Lightening Keith's Web site.

Posted: 15/10/2008 16:23:52
By: .
For those who didnt know, the MR website front page is the Hazardous 170, see link

Posted: 15/10/2008 16:38:10
By: Rob Holroyd


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