Topic : Lost Boots

Morning all.
its a tad late but i have only just realised, i think i lost my aigle boots at the inlands. they have pink elastic, i most likely left them in the girl's changing rooms. if anyone at the club could have a nosey that would amazing.

Posted: 09/06/2008 11:53:21
By: Ellie
i too left something at rutland and found that ringing the office and speaking to gemma very quickly led to it being recovered. the office is open on thursdays and fridays.

Posted: 09/06/2008 13:51:01
By: mark a
Mark the clue is at the Inlands a call to Rutland is unlikely tp find something left at Cheddar.

Posted: 09/06/2008 14:32:33
By: .
you can have the boots, but i'm keeping the pink elastic!x

Posted: 10/06/2008 23:56:31
By: Robinson


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