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Anyone know what the beam on an NSM 4 is? I've only got a 2m garage door and suspect it won't fit through!



Posted: 07/06/2008 10:48:25
By: Pete
most modern merlins need tilting slightly on the trailer to get them past the door opening !

Posted: 07/06/2008 11:19:24
By: .
Thanks - figured this would have to be the solution


Posted: 07/06/2008 11:29:54
By: Pete
You can always cut slots in the wood at the sides; 40 years on my Parents Garage Still has them; together with the dark blue paint on the floor.

Posted: 07/06/2008 12:36:00
By: Ancient Geek
My NSM iv is about 7ft 3ins. Suggest you tip the boat sideways and see if it will go in. Good luck.

Posted: 07/06/2008 13:28:50
By: Interested
I'm sure mine used to be 2m 20cm

Posted: 07/06/2008 16:08:39
By: Russ
If its 7' 3" its not a legal Merlin 220mm or 7' 2" is the max

Posted: 09/06/2008 09:11:43
By: Rob 2601
meant 220cm

Posted: 09/06/2008 09:12:11
By: Rob 2601
Is the "legal" measurement the hull measurement or the absolute overall width between gunwhale edges that you need openings to be?

Posted: 09/06/2008 12:21:08
By: Pat2121
Clearli in terms of getting it in a garage or shed the critical measurement in overall width which may include the strongback if you're feeling idle.

Posted: 09/06/2008 14:33:43
By: .


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