Topic : Part needed - can you help?

So I took the pluge and bought 3519 at the weekend.  Unfortuntely it has a broken part, an allow sheave box.

I'll have a go at describing it....

It is part of the raking rig system that the shroud wire travels over above the front buoyancy tank, i.e the bit that changes the flow of the shroud from vertical to forward. The hole left in the boat is 44 mm by 13 mm.

I think it is part number Holt Allen HA9B or possibly HA9H would work.

Does anyone know where I can get one of these as the usual chandlers (purple, speed...) can't help in less than 2 weeks.

Help greatly appreciated.



Posted: 13/05/2008 21:54:02
By: Supernova575 and Merlin3159
Good start - got my sail number wrong!

Posted: 13/05/2008 21:54:44
By: Supernova575 and Merlin3519
Try these

Posted: 13/05/2008 22:15:58
By: rob 2601
Try a decent chandler (It's a pretty standard part.), two weeks is ridiculous though the recent parting of the ways between Holt & Allen Bros may mean a hole in the distribution process.

Posted: 13/05/2008 22:38:24
By: Bitzer
Try Tony Blackmore. Sails 3466 so knows what he is talking about.

Mail order (or collection if you are in the SW (Exeter)) and if he has the part in stock you will have it next day.

Good luck !

Posted: 13/05/2008 22:59:37
By: JohnB (3404)
Try ringing winders.

They must have a stock of these things. It's not a part that often breaks so it's understandable that speeds/purple/P&B may not stock them.

Posted: 14/05/2008 07:05:08
By: Chris M
Spoke to Tony B who has managed to sort me out - fingers crossed that the Royal Mail will keep up their side of the deal to allow me to have my first sail on Saturday.!


Posted: 14/05/2008 12:25:02
By: Supernova575 and Merlin3519
Chris, posted first class this morning so you should have it tomorrow...

Many thanks for the call.

And thanks John...

Posted: 14/05/2008 14:12:12
By: Blackie
I got my numbers too Tony - next day to Aberdeen can't be bad!!!

Posted: 14/05/2008 14:59:09
By: Garry R
Long live the Royal Mail!!!

Posted: 15/05/2008 14:29:59
By: Blackie


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