Topic : Merlin Open at Wormit Boating Club 14/15 June

Shamless plug for the Merlin Open event at WBC in Scotland. As usual all are welcome to crash round the cans on the Tay. Usual semi serious sailing followed by a traditional Scottish post match unwind in the company of your genial hosts.
If anybody need accomodation please get in touch and we will try to sort things out for you.

Posted: 08/05/2008 22:53:55
By: Hamish 3321
Someone please send me some more details so I can flesh this page out.

Posted: 09/05/2008 11:53:34
By: Mags
The fun begins on the 14th June with two races, 1st start 12.00 and continues with hangovers on Sunday 15th with 2 races, 1st start 12.00. We can arrange places for people to stay if required. Crackin BBQ n beer/wine etc on Saturday night. If you havn't been, come and try it.

Posted: 09/05/2008 21:37:36
By: Calum B
Hi Hamish if we can get the boat back from boat builder we will be joining you guys for a blast .

Posted: 10/05/2008 12:45:58
By: Eddie 3242
Hopefully will be able to make it to this event as well.  Got a feeling I may be working the Saturday which rules that day out but may be make it for the Sunday I hope...Oli.

Posted: 12/05/2008 18:27:26
By: Oli 3170
Hamish I would hope to do this event but Trish is not keen to crew at sea venues so if you had anyone spare it would be good.  Let me know asap so I can plan ahead.

Posted: 13/05/2008 09:57:32
By: Garry R
Wormit is not on the sea, you be lucky to see a 6 inch wave at best. get her down there

Posted: 13/05/2008 16:16:14
By: Davy Jones
Try this one

Posted: 13/05/2008 17:41:16
By: Ancient Geek
looks like our little regatta could be a big one this year. I heard of a boat from North Berwick that is comming to the event.

Posted: 13/05/2008 21:18:51
By: hamish3321
Sorry Guy's due to family arriving this weekend we can't get there, It was a great event last year.

Posted: 14/05/2008 13:25:48
By: Dave F
still reckon on coming to the lovely venue wot is loch tummel , truly a beautiful spot

Posted: 15/05/2008 07:34:36
By: Megan
Just a point enjoy yourselves; I hope lots turn up; but Loch Tummell suggested ny previous correspondent (Which is on the edge of Rannoch Moor.) is a fair way from Wormit which is on the Southern Side of the Tay Estuary just upstream from the bridges, that lead to Dundee and points NE. It is Wormit where the regatta is.

Posted: 15/05/2008 09:09:38
By: Beauregard McTavish
BUT Mr Beauregard,  Loch Tummel is also a Scottish Traveller event to be held on September 20th and 21st and certainly not to be confused with the Wormit Event on the Silvery Tay in June.  I'm hoping to be at both.

Posted: 15/05/2008 09:47:51
By: Garry R
Och aye I ken what you say. My ignorance of a Sept fixture is due the start of the deer stalking proper and it being well into the grouse season, there's usually a late salmon run to.(No conection to Duncan of that name.) unless he's taken up jogging?

Posted: 15/05/2008 09:59:34
By: Beauregard McTavish


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