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Hope to see many of you racing Saturday for the Avenger Trophy. Weather is looking better with a 15 mph wind and the rain stopping in the morning! Of course it will change again before then but as long as it keeps improving we should have a good day.
First race not before 13.15 and we will run three races if conditions allow, should manage at least two in any case with a break after the first race. Free tea and biscuits before and "tea" will be served after with the bar open for those that need something stronger.

Posted: 12/06/2007 22:02:53
By: Nick Price
Ranelagh  Vintage Merlin Open meeting June 16th 2007

Just two visitors turned up for this event to compete against the six home boats on a day where the forecast was for showers, thunderstorms and a light South Westerly wind. All of the above duly arrived at different times and the first race was delayed 20 minutes as a large black cloud passed by, grumbling as it went. The 1st race finally started with a beat up the Fulham bank to the first mark short of Putney Bridge. Lukas Kolff in Merlins Moon made a strong start, leading at the first two marks but was overtaken before the end of the lap by Christopher Edwards in Phantom Spinner who went on to win after 1.5 laps and 45 minutes, much of which was spent going backwards as the wind stayed light. Mike Stephens of Tamesis, sailing Flinkidink for the first time, came through the field to take a good second place 7 minutes behind Christopher. Old boat handicaps were used but no places changed hands in the first race as a result. After a short break, race two started, trhankfully with better wind and this time a reach with the tide to a buoy at Crabtree, a mile up the river towards Hammersmith, after which there was a difficult beat against wind and tide back past Craven Cottage to a buoy just above the start line. Mike Stephens quickly established a lead from Christopher as the latter lost his way and Nick Price in Mojo narrowly held 2nd place at the start of the 2nd lap, keeping that to the leeward mark before dropping back into a hard fight for 3rd place with Mervyn Allen in Keto and Ben Marshall in Fat Marce. The bell sounded at the end of the 2nd lap after just over an hours sailing with Mike Stephens winning by nearly 3 minutes from Christopher. Finishing 3rd on the water for Mojo was not enough to take 3rd overall from Keto in the 2 race series, Ben Marshall, visiting from Minima YC taking 5th.

Overall results
1st Mike Stephens / Andrew Stephens 3 points 1097 Flinkidink Tamesis Club
2nd Christopher Edwards / Robin Huber 3 points 2744 Phantom Spinner RSC
3rd Mervyn Allen / Charlie Morgan 6 points 799 Keto RSC
4th Nick Price / Cat Price 8 points 2134 Mojo RSC

Posted: 17/06/2007 05:54:00
By: Nick Price


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