Topic : AGM 2007

Can anyone tell me the date of this - also what are the high tide times for the week at Salcombe - need to plan lunches up the creeks !! Thanks

Posted: 04/06/2007 17:17:12
By: whitstable pro
AGM at Salcombe Yacht Club on Monday 9th July.  Start at 1830.

Contact John Murrell at SYC for times of high water.

Posted: 04/06/2007 22:54:21
By: Mike Anslow
I think tide tables are on Salcombe YC web site.

Posted: 04/06/2007 23:22:25
By: Cinders
Hello Alan,

Neaps again at Salcombe this year:
HW Sun 8th 12.40
HW Wed 11th 16.10
LW Fri 13th 11.50

Yes it is Friday the 13th and low water in the middle of the day!
It is quite neapy though (neapest tides on tuesday) so it won't all that low

Still looking forward to it - full details of tides and seedings in the magazine out soon


Posted: 04/06/2007 23:30:08
By: Pat Blake
AGM agenda and accounts also in magazine.
Should be with all fully paid up members at least 14 days before Salcombe!
Including some very special tips from Dan about racing.
Are you coming to cause trouble Alan - if so go easy on our new chairman.
He is a nice bloke and he doesn't need bover!

Posted: 04/06/2007 23:41:39
By: Pat Blake
Don't panic Pat  - I just wanted to avoid having a BBQ on the same night - I won't be at the AGM

Posted: 05/06/2007 12:31:09
By: whitstable pro
OK Alan I will let you off!
I don't think anyone wants to spend too much time in meetings on their holidays but the bar is just down the tunnel!
And Steve is very good at get things done FAST

Posted: 05/06/2007 23:44:56
By: Pat Blake


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