Topic : Insurance prang - Transport costs

If you have a prang, who is responsible for transporting the boat to and from the repairshop? Can you claim of the insurance?

Posted: 14/03/2007 19:26:15
By: Broz
I think you will find that you transport the boat to the repair shop and claim the cost of expenses i.e. fuel off your insurance policy (check wording of policy). Best way to find out is just phone your insurers tomorrow!

Posted: 14/03/2007 20:12:41
By: Richard Battey
If making a claim against another party's insurance you can try to claim expenses for delivering and collecting the boat for repair - I managed to get some allowance for fuel and my time following last years "Salcombe Incident".  However, I'd guess if the prang was your fault you will have to meet the cost yourself.

Posted: 14/03/2007 20:49:21
By: Dave Lee
quite right Dave. Forgot to mention the bit about liability!

Posted: 14/03/2007 21:03:08
By: Richard Battey
Another interesting point of view is that if you damage your boat whilst attached to your car on a trailer or on the roof, you have to claim on your car insurance and not your boat insurance.

Posted: 14/03/2007 21:17:57
By: Rocket0_1
be carefull some car insurance policies dont cover what you are towing, so unless you stipulate, you wont be covered!!

Posted: 15/03/2007 08:11:16
By: Russ
I beg to differ from Rocket_01.  My dinghy insurance policy provides cover for all transit risks ie when the boat is being towed on a trailer by my car – I have checked this out with the policy and the broker.

What it does not cover is third party liability ie if when towing the trailer, I wipe out a pedestrian with the trailer. This is covered by my car policy - again checked with the insurer and probably standard for most motor policies although I was warned to watch out for company car policies which may not provide such cover.

The moral is check out for what exactly you are covered

Posted: 15/03/2007 17:05:18
By: RichardT
Many years ago I had a sudden squall lift my windsurfer off the roofrack, where I'd just unfixed it, and slam it into a nearby car. It proved difficult to get the car or boat insurance to play.

Posted: 15/03/2007 17:15:55
By: Rod & Jo
RichardT I thought you were not satisified with Bishop and Skinner.

Posted: 15/03/2007 20:45:49
By: Rocket0_1
Your dinghy insurance shoul cover transport costs but some car insurers wont cover what your towing, working in the motor trade and finance and motor insurance i can confirm this, always check your policy.

Posted: 15/03/2007 22:06:44
By: Russ
You are quite correct as I have departed from Bishop Skinner. It so happened that I saw this posting just as I was about to file new Mardon Marine policy away and also the arrival of my car insurance renewal so I checked both for peace of mind especially as my wife has just written her car off outside the house!

Posted: 16/03/2007 19:17:44
By: RichardT


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