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Finally found a spare evening to do all the MR work that I havent caught up on since Christmas. See link for new wallpaper for example.

If you have asked me to do something on the website, and it hasn't appeared by Friday - please email again to remind me.

Posted: 14/02/2007 21:45:03
By: Mags
The caption doesn't tell it all, 17 year old Natlie, in probably one of the newest boats, probably the youngest helm at Salcombe that year, and definately the youngest female helm, and definately with the dad crewing them with the coolest sun glasses powers through to leward of probably the oldest helm (with a young, probably related crew)in one of the oldest boats.

That is Merlin magic, old young, new old, male, female. No wonder we are the best fleet in the world.

Posted: 14/02/2007 22:04:38
By: Alan F
Sorry Alan - I'm not so up on my sail numbers to recognise you there!

P.S. Just been doing more work - see link (members only) for Chris Martins One-String conversion article with a couple of pics.

Posted: 14/02/2007 22:13:50
By: Mags
Mags - if you get really bogged down and need an asp hand let me know. I do both classic  and .NET asp anyway to pay for the sailing and then the cvrda site after hours but better something than nothing...

Posted: 15/02/2007 13:18:29
By: Pat2121

You need this a simple routine to create more hours in the day!

PageName = "Not Enough Time to do Everything"

set conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
set recs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.RecordSet")
conn.ConnectionTimeout = 10
conn.Open strConnsomedatabase
sql="SELECT * FROM time WHERE time = '"¬enough&"'"
recs.Open sql, conn
Do while not.recs.eof
response.write "Need More Time"
Set recs = nothing
Set conn = nothing

More time found = <%= hours%>

Posted: 15/02/2007 13:37:27
By: Keep it simple
Thanks Mags
The photo was taken at Salcombe last year, I think Wednesday morning on the first beat after the start going inland.
John is sailing with his grandson James Warren.
The boat in between John and Natt is Tudor Owen with Kate Sharman (3664) and in the background is Alan Broadbent (3637), Duncan Salmon (3644) and Roger Taylor (3611).
ps Mags - are you going to add the dates of the championships like in the last backround?

Posted: 15/02/2007 13:46:02
By: Brian
We saw a lot of John Harris that week, I just looked at the results again, 24 v 25, 26 v 24, 24 v 25 etc etc. Ironic really that Natts results were pretty good overall yet it was that even that broke up our sailing partnership. I do hope Natt starts sailing again, she was showing potential.

Posted: 15/02/2007 15:03:09
By: Alan F
Thanks Pat! Though its not always the ASP code..sometimes its just text formatting (HTML and spelling etc) or creating/editing photos...

Posted: 15/02/2007 17:32:00
By: Mags
I hope Natt returns to sailing too. I emailed her at the beginning of the week and told her we miss her in the Merlin fleet....maybe one day....

Posted: 16/02/2007 11:55:14
By: Minx3681
Alan, how is she back on her feet and getting around?

Posted: 16/02/2007 12:01:26
By: Mike


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