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Could some of you long standing members please delve through the old yearbooks and give me all the gen on 3434 as I've just bought it on e-bay.
It's a ROTS but slightly modified but I don't know about the mods (nor does the owner). As I've only been an MROA member for 2 years I've only the latest books so all history welcome. Did it ever do well anywhere? Who owned it?.....

Posted: 03/11/2006 17:45:02
By: e-buyer
3434 'Love Over Gold' is a modified ROTS design by Ian Holt. I will have to defer to others to tell you what the mod was. She was probably built in 1989.
Her first recorded owner was B Mager, 1 Hawthorn Walk, Littleborough, Lancashire and he/she was probably the builder. In the 1993 YB he/she is shown as being a member of Hollingworth Lake SC and the address has changed to 9 Derwent Drive, Smithy Bridge, Littleborough.
The 1994 YB records a new owner as A Mulcahy, 414 Bury Rd, Rochdale, Lancs L11 5EY at the same club. The last YB in which he/she was shown as a MROA member was 2003 and the phone no. was 01706 49492.
Hope this helps.

Posted: 04/11/2006 10:58:41
By: Tony Lane


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