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Hi there,
I'm in need of some advice. I recently co-purchased and restored a wooden Merlin from the '70s (we think) - MR2152. It's wooden throughout and hog-stepped, but we're unsure if the rig that it came with was original or suited to that design. Regardless, the jib recently gave up the ghost, meaning that we need to replace it and possibly the mainsail at the same time. Could anyone shed any light as to the specific dimensions of the sails we need for this particlar design? As we're not racing it at the moment the sails needn't be for that purpose, but all advice (and any offers of sails?!) will be gratefully received!
Thanks, Jamie

Posted: 23/08/2006 22:22:27
By: Jamie Cowen
Jamie, your Merlin comes from the age before the rig dimensions really stabilised and may well have a taller rig than is now common, could either have a larger or even a smaller jib than the present norm.  All of this should be recorded on the measurement certificate, you can obtain a new one from the RYA and will need it if you go racing.  Otherwise your only option is to actually measure the rig you have, black band to black band mast and boom.  Ideally there will be figure written on the boom giving your permitted jib area.

I have a couple of older jibs (so have many others) and if you just want one to get you going you would be welcome to one.

Posted: 24/08/2006 09:02:28
By: Andrew M
Hi, I've just bought and sailed MR2152, some restoration was required but its now in good repair.  Did you put the self furller on the jib?

I am going to replace the old drum and ratchet for a pully kicker which I think will help.

The main and spinney are old and saggy so am looking for some second hand replacements...does anyone have anything cheap??

Cheers from a newbe!

Posted: 18/06/2009 21:34:11
By: Andy


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