Topic : What mast is this?

Hey guys heres an easy one for you!  What mast is it that I've got on my hog stepped NSM1.  The only sticker on it is yellow and says SuperSpars.  There is no other stick saying a model or anything like that.  The dimensions are overall length approx 694cm luff ie. goose neck to masthead 574 cm (approx)  Second question and perhaps slightly harder to answer is I'm looking at buying a secondhand set of sails from someone on the site.  They are a P&B set of Kevlar main variety.  The current owner has been using them on a chipstow carbon mast and I want to know if anyone can tell me if they will be suitable for my alloy mast?!  They look nice and are priced within reach but theres no point in buying them if they either don't fit or wont be suitable with my mast.  Also as mentioned in other threads by me we are quite overpowered with our current hyde setup so will these be a bit easier on our legs and arms in a blow??  Cheers Oli.

Sorry to the seller if they are offended by my questions!

Posted: 13/08/2006 19:09:47
By: Oli. Webster 3170 "Blondie"
This has been bought up loads of times, including myself merlin sails are cut for either deck stepped or hog stepped rigs, they should fit but from what i understand the Jib on a more modern merlin will be smaller and the main di. Will be different, meaning more then likely it wont work with your rig. The man to speak to really is Chris Martin

Posted: 13/08/2006 21:54:09
By: Russhopkins
I recently put a P&B main and jib (courtesy of Mathew Winder) on Miss Laid 3078.  The boat, which is a Winderbox, is deck-stepped (previously converted from hog-stepped I think).

Anyway the new sail's luff was too short and the foot was too long and it didn't fit the old Chipstow mast at all. Fortunately another fine benefactor had a Supaspars M1 mast and spare boom at the back of his shed, which were the right length, so I got it working.

Is it fast? Hard to tell, didn't do very well at Salcombe, but that was mainly driver error and inexperience. Somebody else then tweaked the rig a bit, sailed it at Dinghy week and came 2nd in the fast mixed handicap fleet.

The problem with that mast is that it is very bendy and any minor error in the rig set-up changes the shape of the mast significantly. I think if I get it set up right, it could go quite well.

Posted: 16/08/2006 08:24:22
By: mark 3078


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