Topic : salcombe

wish you all a good time at salcombe sorry i cannot be there to have some fun tell deepy not to forget how to tie up the main haliard or to take his face paints any comments please or have you all left for the west country bye

Posted: 14/07/2006 12:45:24
By: martin spindrift
Martin, Looks like i will be joining you as the non-salcombe entrants then! Wish i was going too, just have to enjoy Tenby twice as much!

Posted: 14/07/2006 19:45:35
By: Jeremy3550
be like me,watch the virtual Salcombe camera and wish!

Posted: 14/07/2006 20:46:57
By: Richard Battey
I can't see the webcam through my tears...

Posted: 17/07/2006 09:07:04
By: Mags

When are you and Deepy going to "tie the knot" !!!!!

See you at the virtual start at 10.30am - how many re-calls???

Posted: 17/07/2006 09:19:19
By: marcosrater


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