Topic : Broken M1 mast

Has any one out there got the broken remnants of an M1 mast lurking in their garage / garden/ shed etc that they would be willing to let me have / buy?

I only need a section c. 0.5m long to extend my previously broken mast - for conversion into a new rules Mirror Bermudan rig mast. This is not a high tech venture as you can tell but a new mast would more than quadruple the value of the boat.

Any offers gratefully received.

Jules, 3518

Posted: 12/07/2006 20:09:18
By: The Old trout
Thursday! must be answer phone

Posted: 13/07/2006 10:34:18
By: the shed
Hi Jools, 

Try my pater John Dalby - (not too far away) - 0116 2862343. I'm pretty sure he has about 12 old ones floating about! Best not accidentally take a saw to his carbon one though...

You'll be glad to get back into the merlin after those nasty mirror decks!



Posted: 13/07/2006 10:55:29
By: Andy Dalby
Cheers, Andy, I'll give him a bell.

Smoked Salmon is with P&B for repairs to the Holy deck.

One must take one's sailing pleasures where one can in the mean time.

I sailed a Feva the other day, for goodness sake. Desperate times call for desperate measures....

Posted: 13/07/2006 22:06:26
By: The Old trout


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