Topic : SALCOMBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Parents and the "Warrens" are already down there and apparently it is really windy - "Cool" Bring it on can`t wait Gonna Rock!! PS No Late night beach parties this year APPARENTLY - See You All there Peeps cant wait?? AAAALLLLEEEEZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: 10/07/2006 00:43:47
The Sunday Times had an article on Salcombe in the property section and it appears that your accommodation problems could be overcome something around £500,000.!!!!!

Posted: 10/07/2006 13:10:16
By: Garry R
Correction - looked at the wrong page - should be £750,000

Posted: 10/07/2006 13:11:00
By: Garry R
and thats for a shared ownership council house on Bonfire Hill!

Posted: 10/07/2006 15:37:05
By: John Murrell
I first went to Salcombe in 1963. If only....!!!

Posted: 10/07/2006 15:52:03
By: Robert Harris
Just had a look at the 5-day forecast & looks as tho we are set for a nice blocking high over the UK giving us a good easterly breeze through to at least early next week.  Better get some sun-cream!

Posted: 12/07/2006 10:09:05
By: Andrew M


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