Topic : Mum's night ... salcombe?????

Dalby sisters, sorry, just don't have the credentials in terms of saggy boobs and flabby tummies, but then again.....

Any Mums out there who's husbands would pass on the message, and I know they're not keen, but who are on for a night off amongst the general hoo haa of the week and fancy a night off, please let me know.

Now as a Mum of three nights off are rare but fantasic when they happen.............. a bit like the feeling when you FINALLY get to the bottom of the ironing pile, only to find that the clothes that you have ironed, no longer fit the children anyway and you forgot you had them. The clothes not the children that is!!

let me know


Posted: 07/06/2006 22:16:04
By: Mrs Tosh


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