Topic : current PY

What is the PY?
We have two lists at our club,one gives 1024 and the other 1021.

Posted: 23/05/2006 10:59:55
By: Lyn
It used to be 1024, but was amended to 1021 recently.

Posted: 23/05/2006 11:16:21
By: Mags
Current is 1021 but I don't seem to be any faster than last year!!!

Posted: 23/05/2006 11:16:54
By: Garry
The other classes have just got slower as their good helms migrate to Merlins

Posted: 23/05/2006 16:33:24
By: Alan F
I've just persuaded my club to give me 1051 on MR3078 (winderbox).  According to the year book, for boats 2833-3156 it is the current PY + 30.  What a result!!

Strange though. Because I believe the PY of Merlins has always been lower than for flying fifteens. But the flying fifteen association recommends a PY of 1039 for a similar aged boat. So are Merlins not built to last?

Posted: 23/05/2006 18:13:25
By: Mark Rahn


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