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I am launching my newly restored MR 2999 this weekend but have something of a problem with the spinny rigging.
As I am based in the North East, I have not been able to look at other MRs for hints, as there are none around here.
Resorting to photo's on the web, the Magazine and the site rigging guide has only left me more confused.
I should say I am a relative newcomer to the art of dingy sailing as I come from the dark side. (Windsurfing, outhaul, downhaul thats it.) I have crewed on various boats but never with poled out spinakkers.
The point is, is there a definative sketch or guide that doesnt look like a spilt bowl of spaghetti mixed with nautical terms.
Any snippets of advice welcome.

Posted: 12/05/2006 21:03:10
By: JeffW
What have you got at the moment?  Twin or single spinnaker poles?  It would be helpful if you could take some pictures of your current set up and post them here.

That way we can see what you have and make some comments.

Posted: 13/05/2006 10:20:43
By: RichardT
I Have loads of photo's but how do I post them on this site?

I have Twin Poles each with a hook and steel ring on one end, and a slot on the other with a piece of 3mm rope the same length as the pole fed through it to another ring.
Above the ring is a Inglefield Clip that fits onto 2 matching Clips hanging from a block on the mast.
I have the sheet/Guy and uphaul for the spinnaker but dont appear to have controls for the poles.
Where should they go and how do they attach to the spinnaker?

Posted: 13/05/2006 15:05:03
By: JeffW
Photographs at link below!!!!!!!

Posted: 13/05/2006 20:29:17
By: JeffW

You appear to have the basics ie poles, uphaul and a downhaul (this is the white string which runs through the forward end of each pole and ends in the metal ring (the spinnie sheet/guy runs through this). The other end of this string needs to be attached to a block as close as possible to the front of the mast at the foot and a purchase so that you can adjust this. If you look at the rigging guide under MR3489 and go to the mast foot page, you will see what I mean (see link).

You also need a piece of elastic for the poles to slide up and down along the boom - this leads from about 1 ft in from rear of boom up to the mast (about 2-3ft up from gooseneck). If you look at MR3489 again, you can see the spinnie pole sliding back on elastic page. You will need a ring or small block (either works) on the rear end of the pole (see pole end mast detail page) Nb put this on the inside ie boom side of the pole.

The spinnie is then rigged by tying the top (usually the red/green corner) to the spin halyard, the port and starboard corners to the spin sheet / guy (after it has gone through the metal ring at forwrad end of each pole) and the other end of the spin halyard comes out through the chute and attachs to the retrieval patch on the spinnie.

Then try hosting it on dry land on a day with not much wind and turn the boat so that wind is over one stern quarter. Hoist the spinnaker and then push the pole forward (this tightens up the spinnaker downhaul & pulls the metal ring into the end of the pole) and clip the rear end of the pole on to the mast (NB most people prefer to have the pole end fitting mounted upside down so that you push it up onto the mast fitting). You then tighten the downhaul so that the whole system becomes rigid.

You will find that you will need to adjust the lengths of uphaul / downhaul so that spinnaker luff breaks in the middle and you will also find it helpful to put some knots in the spinnaker guy/sheet to stop the pole going forward onto the jib forestay.

Then read the training tips about how to fly it.

Good luck.

Posted: 13/05/2006 22:07:39
By: RichardT
PS Forgot to add my email address if you want more comments or give me a call 01926 812694.

You could also check the yearbook and see whether there are any other Merlins up near you - the north east does have some at Newbiggin, I believe.

Posted: 13/05/2006 22:12:36
By: RichardT
Hi Jeff,
its great to see 2999 again, I was wondering what happened to here when her previous owner Gordon passed away last year. I basicllay learnt to sail in her many years ago and have a lot of fond memories in her. Where in the NE are you, as I still sail from Newbiigin SC which where she was based. (RichardT was correct about ther still being Merlins at Newbiggin)
From your pictures
It looks as if things are very similar to when I last sailed in her.
The Inglefield Clip on the end of the spinnaker pole are the pole uphaul allow attachemnet to the system on the mast. It is possible that the Inglefield Clip on the mast have been removed.
The ring at the end of the pole ( Inglefield Clip end) is the take up for the Spinnaker sheets. this then acted as the pole down haul, whcih I think was attched to elastic, to keep the tension on the system.
The other end of the pole with the hook and additional, is part ot the flyaway system. the ring rode on elastic which went from the end of the boom to the mast and acted as pole takeaway.
Hope this gives you a start.


Posted: 14/05/2006 06:58:44
By: ChrisG
That makes it all seem quite simple, dont know why I couldn't figure it out.

Chris I am sailing it up at Derwent but may try Newbiggin as well. If its OK I would like to contact you at some stage for some more tips.
PS The photo's were the before version I will take some more today of the 'new Look'.

Posted: 14/05/2006 10:24:12
By: JeffW
Hi Jeff, no problem, but I am bit rusty o sailing them though. I bought my first rocket last year,  Finbar is now down at Newbiggin, after a spring semi refit, felt more like winter than early summer. just drop me an email and we can go from there

Chris G

Posted: 14/05/2006 15:07:20
By: ChrisG


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