Topic : Herrings for sale

Fantastic opportunity to purchase a much loved Jenkins/Driver Easy Roller.

Have a look a the second hand list.

We're expecting a baby flipper :-)) so the boat has to go :-((

Posted: 10/02/2006 09:29:48
By: Mr & Mrs Flipper
Congratulations you two!! Great news - about mini flipper - not so hot news about having to sell the boat - but sounds like your going to have your hands full!! When is the due date??

Posted: 10/02/2006 09:50:12
By: Rachel
Congrates both of you!!!
Don't stay land/baby locked for too long though!

Posted: 10/02/2006 13:35:11
By: Blackie
Congratulations to you both!  Give it another 14 years and you will have a crew again ;->

Posted: 10/02/2006 15:26:53
By: Andrew M
Nice one Team Gilbo!! We will have to celebrate this one. 

(Do you mind if I borrow your boat for 14 years then... ?!!)

Posted: 10/02/2006 15:53:17
By: Andy Dalby
Many congrats from GGGGG and me!  Hope the baby flipper learns how to swim pretty damn quickly!

Posted: 10/02/2006 17:21:44
By: Jude
Thanks all (and Jundith - very funny.......)

Posted: 10/02/2006 18:24:12
By: Mr & Mrs Flipper
Congratulations!  Fantastic news, but hope to see you and Sally sailing in the fleet again soon.  Just told Kate and she has that strange glint in her eye again.....Yikes!!!!!

Posted: 10/02/2006 21:26:48
By: Dave Lee
Awesome peeps, V many gratulations!! LilPerson will sure gonne be a proper water baby!! Please excuse the pun!! Hopefully see U Guys soon Cheers Allez!!

Posted: 11/02/2006 00:46:43
(maybe mags should consider blocking Guy's IP address between 11:30pm and 5:30am to keep within limits designated safe for computer operation??)

Posted: 12/02/2006 21:32:24
By: Health and Safety
Congratulations Family Flipper.
By the way, if anyone's wife has "that glint" in their eye I recently found one solution to get rid of it. No, it didn't involve a sly trip to the hospital...

Posted: 13/02/2006 09:09:46
By: Mags
You must BUY A NEW boat now as there is now way that you will be able to afford one for the first 20 years after arrival of junior!
However financial ruination is a small price to pay for the joy you will soon encounter!
many congratulations.

Posted: 15/02/2006 23:23:48
By: Knowledgeable parent
He who sells will never sail
but he who continues to sail
will have a tale
To tell the indoor lass of heroic sails
and if that fails to please
just say..

oh well love next week i'll leave

Posted: 16/02/2006 14:40:47
By: Poet Tosh - Put your foot down man
three kids, millions paid out in nourishment, education, housing and teenage costs.  Now they're almost independent.  Ah! a new boat in offing!

tip: dont sell the boat. or DIY ensues.

Posted: 20/02/2006 22:53:59
By: last gasp
Despite all of the advice to the contrary the boat is still very much for sale.  It would be sad to see it unused in the garden this season.

Posted: 03/03/2006 10:07:38
By: Paul


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