Topic : Excellent article in Y&Y Alex...

Well done Alex Jackson for an excellent article on the Merlin Rocket in the latest Yachts & Yachting.

If I didn't already have one, I'd buy one!!!

Posted: 15/12/2005 10:48:30
By: Nick S
You did well on the job Mr Jackson......oh and the Y&Y article was very good too !!!!

Posted: 15/12/2005 20:03:11
By: Proof is in the pudding
Yes Mr Jackson...V Good
Gold star....but...
Watch out the shotgun is loaded!!!

Posted: 15/12/2005 21:57:08
By: Pudding Club
Well done.
great publicity.

Posted: 18/12/2005 12:14:50
By: Steve w
Can we have the article posted in our library ?
Mags ?

Posted: 20/12/2005 09:01:30
By: :-)

Posted: 20/12/2005 09:41:31
By: Ancient Geek
Thanks for all the kind words. Recognition for their contributions should also go to Pat and Demelza for taking such pretty pics, Jude for digging out all the info and stats from the class records and of course my secret weapon, Mr Davo Davies aka the English teacher, for proof reading all copy.

Posted: 20/12/2005 11:13:34
By: Alex
Can some kind person tell me which edition of Y&Y contained this artice?  I want to order a back issue as I could not find a copy anywhere on the shelves when back in the UK over Christmas.  Of course, a scanned copy of the artice would be even more appreciated (if legal of course)!  I have just ordered a copy of a 1984 issue of WoodenBoat Magazine that also comtains a great MR article - I can make this available once it arrives.

Posted: 05/01/2006 16:39:48
By: Nick USA
You can subscribe online to Y&Y and get back issues too, cant you?

Hold your breath as I am just this week scanning in an article on MRs from Yachting World Annual in 1959.....

Posted: 05/01/2006 17:27:45
By: Mags
Y&Y December 16th 2005.  Great article and super publicity for the class.

Posted: 05/01/2006 20:25:59
By: Mike Anslow
It just so happens that by following the link below that you can obtain a free electronic copy of the 16th Dec copy direct to your PC. You do not have to subscibe as this appears to be a taster but will need to download the software.

Posted: 06/01/2006 12:43:06
By: Jon S
How do you get it for free? It wants to charge me $6.25, anyway I've already got one (well Mark has, as it has a picture of him in the pink boat)

Posted: 06/01/2006 13:03:08
By: Alan F
Jon - thanks
I downloaded the software but it looks like only cover and table of contents are available - very sneaky! I have subscribed to Y&Y for about 15 years, having if shipped to the US. It got expensive (and ZI never received the promised free gifts!) so I dropped it last year. I may subscribe again as there is nothing as good here in the US.

Posted: 06/01/2006 13:08:50
By: Nick USA
In fact, by chance I was just asked this week to write a very brief article on MR's for WoodenBoat magazine.  I had contacted WBM about getting an obituary published for a friend who was a wooden boat fanatic (and amateur builder), and told them of my experience this Christmas when on vacation in the UK.  Jan 1st we took a walk to Ranelagh at the time a number of fine folks were at the club, and got into confersation with some MR enthusiasts.  I was kindly shown Kate as well as the photo gallery, and got a chance to meet John Stokes.  My contact at WBM magazine was interested in the fact that Kate is still sailing and asked me for a brief article and photo.  I contacted John Stokes and then Mervyl Allen and we seem to have something underway.  I did ask WBM if they would be interested in doing a big spread on the MR as the last one I can find was in 1984.  I am waiting for a response but I am sure they would be interested. Anyone interested?

Posted: 06/01/2006 13:25:52
By: Nick USA
nick, i could send you some pics of the refurbishment of 1018 which is underway, and add some form of an article for you? where in the USA are you located? I just spent the last 2 yrs in Florida.

Posted: 06/01/2006 13:39:03
By: MR1018
I have pictures of Secret Water No 111 (built 1947) refurbishment as well with re-ribbing, mast repairing etc plus ssome sailing pictures.  I am in the process of writing up this project for the MROA but I am sure that we could come up with something for you if you are interested.

Posted: 06/01/2006 13:52:54
By: Garry R

You should be able to download the complete copy of Y&Y 16/12/05. I did FOC and works fine. Go on, give it another go, but follow the instructions very carefully.

Posted: 06/01/2006 14:42:44
By: Richard Battey

Not sure how managed it, but I managed it to get it free! At first I also thought I could only get the cover and contents but once I downloaded the Zinio software I managed to open the whole magazine. It wont let me do it again as I am now registered. Might have to consider subscribing depending on how bored I am at work.

Posted: 06/01/2006 15:14:33
By: Jon S
Can't download software at work, too risky. Surprised you can?

Posted: 06/01/2006 15:23:52
By: Alan F
It is Freeware that is used by various publishers so someone else had already taken the pain of convincing IT it was ok. Apparently a number of IT publications use it!

Posted: 06/01/2006 15:34:41
By: Jon S
Perhaps I am thick but I can't even see where I would start to download the free issue - any tips?

Posted: 06/01/2006 15:46:42
By: Garry R
I have just had another look and it is not clear how I managed it. Maybe they have changed it so the $6.95 is now charged. I downloaded between Christmas and the New Year

Posted: 06/01/2006 16:11:16
By: Jon S
Thanks very much for the offers of articles and photos.  I have only been given 300-400 words in WoodenBoat but have offered a longer article as a follow-up.  If they agree to the detailed article I will definitely come back to this forum for help.....although I might be tempted to ask a real expert to put the article together rather than a lonely MR sailor (not much class competition!) whose only contact with the class is this fantastic web site and the equally fantastic magazine. 
PS: I could never get access to the Y&Y article, even with above average IT skills

Posted: 12/01/2006 00:21:33
By: NickUSA
Hi Nick. You may not know that four times Merlin Rocket Champion Alan Warren lives in Florida during our winters. Although even older than me he's still winning big races! If you e-mail me I'll give you his phone no.

Posted: 12/01/2006 10:37:09
By: Robert Harris


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