Topic : Dinghy Y&Y Attendance Table

Have a peek at the Y&Y wesite. Merlins were 10th in the attendance league. If they had counted Salcombe instead, we would have finished 5th... 

This is very encouraging! We know we can blitz it next year - although beating the oppie-boxes is a pretty tough measure!!

Posted: 01/11/2005 16:05:08
By: fluffy sticks
Well, if we based the top 10 on over-17s double-handers only, the results would look much better!

Posted: 02/11/2005 09:47:29
By: Mags
Interesting, really shows that the junior and youth sailing has been growing in popularity. And most of the top classes (ex Laser) could be considered a junior or youth class even if not restricted to under 17's e.g. Mirror / RS200.

There will be a lot a talent comming through the system in years to come. Most of the current Merlin Yoof aren't actually that young any more, mid 2O's.

Posted: 02/11/2005 11:15:33
By: Alan F
If you're right about the Yoof average age, all I can say is that, judging by the Yoof Forum, they are having a lot more fun in their mid-twenties than I ever did.

Posted: 02/11/2005 15:45:42
By: Bill
Oh dear Bill -  nostalgia isn't even what it used to be!

Posted: 02/11/2005 16:24:46
By: Garry R
you're only as old as the crew that you feel! age is now irrelevant some say that 60 is the new 40 i say you slow down when the body breaks down and not before.

Posted: 02/11/2005 16:56:02
By: slippery when wet
Wanted 17 year old crew for final blast before it all goes bang. Discression required as lady wife not too keen.

Posted: 02/11/2005 19:15:55
By: Not Broken Yet
Wanted 17 year old wife for final bang before it all goes blast.  Discression required as lady crew not too keen.

Posted: 03/11/2005 08:57:01
By: Switchitallabout
As we approach 11.XI @ 11am perhaps we should say that "Age does not weary them"?

Posted: 03/11/2005 12:15:12
By: Ancient Geek
I do get the distinct feeling that age actually invigorates many of us.  We don't make the mistakes of the past - there are so many new ones to look forward to!!  I can see a prize being awarded at certain events (the birthday bash next year?) for oldest combined crew age +  helm age + boat age.  I am in the position of having a boat that is older than me (just) so now looking for an old lady or gent to helm or crew to give me some chance of winning this.  Suggestions what this trophy might look like/comprise would be welcome and probably amusing!

Posted: 03/11/2005 12:25:27
By: Garry R
Funny that but whilst I feel about 30 I still seem to make the same mistakes still I have yet to go to bed with an ugly woman, though come to think of it I have woken up with one or two!
Garry's trophy idea has legs I think perhaps a miniature silver zimmer frame?

Posted: 03/11/2005 13:19:08
By: Ancient Geek
Or a boom crutch?

Posted: 03/11/2005 15:08:51
By: Bill
Ugh, feeling about 30, how terrible...

Posted: 03/11/2005 16:45:30
By: Mags
Hey Garry if you’re promoting a trophy for the oldest boat crew/helm can I suggest the “Sugar Spoon Trophy” for the heaviest crew and helm,
Or will you let me race the Scottish Easter Event single handed (who needs carbon epoxy in the land of deep fried mars bars and Iron Bru)

Posted: 03/11/2005 17:06:51
By: scott 3072


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