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Have just bought 1700 and was wondering if anyone could help me with the history of this boat.I have the measurement cert. She was built 01/06/1964 by Adur Boat Yard / N A J Lee.

Posted: 27/09/2005 09:32:22
By: BryanM
Was that from John Howard at Tewkesbury?

Posted: 27/09/2005 10:35:12
By: BmaxRog
Known as Nexus.  Yearbook says designer J.Deadman and C.Brooks.  Hope this helps

Posted: 27/09/2005 11:04:54
By: Garry R
Yes it was from John.

Posted: 27/09/2005 11:14:19
By: BryanM
Hmm, A long story here. 
I'm told that the possible story behind Nexus is that she was built for her first owner, and sailed by him and his wife for a few months only. Sadly, his wife then fell seriously ill, and the boat was laid up undercover for many years. Eventually, it passed to the owners son, who, alledgedly, was a drummer in a rock band in the States. He had no interest in it, and it then passed to a young lad from Cornwall, who had little experience in sailing. After a couple of years, he was looking to sell, and his mother mentioned it to an ex of mine, who mentioned it to me, who mentioned it to John.....
I think this accounts for the extraordinarily good condition of this boat, for it's age, it's got to be one of the soundest Merlins in the country. I acquired a modern tin rig for it from Pat Blake, the kingpost/deckstep modification was done by John ( a man well worth contacting for wood boat repairs!) Having sailed it, the only other mod it really needs is transom flaps, and fit some lowers as preventers. Oh, and it's a little light on bouyancy-suggest fitting slightly larger bags.
Please don't spoil it by putting loads of rig tension/hoops/purchases on it-it doesn't need it. As a river boat it should be well rapid.

Posted: 27/09/2005 13:32:51
By: BmaxRog
Many thanks BmaxRog. I agree with the transom flaps and will look at that over the winter while tidying up the transom and the other small areas of woodwork needing attention. As we intend to sail her on the Avon at Tewkesbury it sounds like we should have some fun on the restricted water there. Lowers are fitted already but need to measure up for a replacement puller wire. Please to know that it doesn't need all the expense of hoops/ purchases etc. Can't wait to get the insurance sorted and put her on the water.

Posted: 27/09/2005 14:24:26
By: BryanM
I can add a little bit more. She is an Adur 7 design and was part built at Adur Boatyard but finished by Major N A J Lee who sailed at Whitstable YC and she was originally called HOC.
He sold her to W H Knox of the same club in 1965.

Posted: 27/09/2005 17:56:58
By: Tony Lane
If you contact Bob Long at the Whitstable Yacht Club he will tell you all about its early history as he used to regularly sail it

I recall crewing in it in the whitstable Silver tiller on one occasion!

It had Red Sails!

Posted: 27/09/2005 18:09:30
By: Richard Davis
Many thanks Tony and Richard for your added detail. Richard I can confirm that she still has the red sails as well as a more modern white suit. My sailing partner and I are looking forward to putting her back on the water, and who knows if time allows next year we may even get to some of the meetings.

Posted: 28/09/2005 11:16:17
By: BryanM
Adur 7'S Rock!!!!!!!! even Andy "I can't hike to save my life" Harris has one in his quiver.

Posted: 29/09/2005 07:59:37
By: splutter
Indeed, I seem to remember you putting in rather a large one to win the Cookham Open..... (rock that is)

Posted: 30/09/2005 16:05:56
By: Bomber


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