Topic : Wonderful Wembley

Never thought I would hear myself saying that! but full credit and thanks to Wembley for a first rate day's sailing yesterday, best sail there in 20 years. Excellent value, great lunch AND Proper Regatta Tea!

Well done to all concerned and to David & Jilly for a quality win.


Posted: 26/09/2005 08:06:27
By: Chairman GGGGGG
Thanks Graham much appreciated. John Donoghue and Dave lapes did a lot of work drumming up support ( 33 boats  total - 15 home boats ) and organising it and they deserve the thanks along with  all the helpers

There seemed to be some question about the silver tiller status for next year for Wembley. Our home fleet has really grown with great enthusiasm and we are expecting another 2 brand new winders soon. We will get out mid teens through the winter and we will again organise a short mid winter series so certainly hope we secure Silver Tiller status for 2006 as i understood last year it was only for one year in 5 that we would miss out.

Posted: 26/09/2005 10:37:51
By: Col B
I tink That the a club should only have a silver tiller event linked to the pesentage of the home boats that travel to other events, for example, 40%, if you have a fleet of ten, then 4 sailors must attent at least 1 forign st event (not their own), 
So wembley with its fleet of 15, then 6 of their boats should attend another ST for the club to keep its status.


Posted: 26/09/2005 12:18:42
By: A thought
Agree that fleets should travel although not sure you can put numbers and limits on it.Wembley boats travel quite a lot, We have a lot of new people in the class and they dont at this stage feel ready for the cut and thrust of the silver tiller. We are going to target certain events next year where we are going to get a squad of us going apart from the normal travelling we do.
Still think the silver tiller status needs to be determined by the quality of the racing, turnout of boats with some consideration given to home boats turning out and the venue. Having said all that i think every year we should go to somewhere completely different that possibly has no merlins at all

Posted: 26/09/2005 12:57:30
By: Col B
Nice thought. Come to Weirwood SC in beautiful West Sussex. I am the only Merlin that sails there but it would open a few eyes if the Silver Tiller circus arrived in town.

The club hosts the RS 200 & 400's annually with huge success. Food for thought for next year Mr Fixtures Man?

Weirwood also host a 'Winter Draws On' open meeting in Novenber so all Merlins welcome to attend. Will post date of event.

Posted: 26/09/2005 13:09:20
By: Richard Battey
Sounds a good idea, part of the fun for me is seeing different places in our 5 year mission to boldly go where --------------------- etc. although we will need a loo as iv e never seen one on the Enterprise

Posted: 26/09/2005 15:19:03
By: Col B


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