Topic : oulton broad accomadation

desperately seeking accomadation for saturday night,nr Oulton broad,can anyone help?

Posted: 26/08/2005 15:43:22
By: Ben 3451
Have you tried Royal Norfolk & Suffolk? Otherwise, I can only suggest going to Lowestoft before racing and going up and down the seafront looking for vacancies.
I'd certainly avoid basing yourself at Oulton Broad if you're there for the whole weekend. The beer (Adnams, as I recollect)is exceptionally well kept by the Club.

Posted: 26/08/2005 15:59:38
By: Oldie
Royal Norfolk& Suffolk YC aka The Royal Nobs and Snobs,+44 (0)1502 566726 very good acomodation, parking for cars limited, and a warm welcome, Vice Commodore Norman Blowers is a former Merlin sailor. Just South of the swing bridge horrendous one-way system, Lowestoft Traffic Wardens learned from Goebbels!, fabulous two clubs RN&SYC & WOBYC at Oulton Broad unless it's been widened the gate is a bit narrow for a modern MR! Beer in both clubs 1st class. Really should be more popular as a joint meeting, beware its shallow in the North Bay of Oulton Broad where there has been a mini minor as a result of motor racing on the ice in the winter of 1962-3!

Posted: 26/08/2005 16:36:41
By: Ancient Geek
Thank you very much for your help,we've managed to find somewhere(by the skin of our teeth).I've just repaired my plate following a grounding the other day so I'll definitely look out for any minor obstructions.

Posted: 26/08/2005 21:07:20
By: Ben 3451
Enjoy it's a super place.

Posted: 27/08/2005 10:31:41
By: Ancient Geek
Looking forward as we have never been before.
By the way, any one know if the club is reelatively dog friendly at Waveney.
What I mean is are they not dog unfriendly like Rutland where dogs are not even allowed in a car in the car park?

Posted: 27/08/2005 16:07:10
By: Alan F
You'll know by now but I've seen dogs in RN&SYC off the lead even, and WOBYC is in a public (Nicolas Everitt) park so I gues the usual pooper-scooper rules apply.

Posted: 28/08/2005 22:04:22
By: Ancient Geek
Thanks. We went today. WOBYC don't allow dogs in the compound, but the park is fine on a lead.

On a different subject, Mark's engine blew up about 6 miles east of Chelmsford, any one know any scrap dealers in that area? Having driven 550 miles today colecting and transporting boats, I don't fancy doing much to recover the car, it was only worth £800 with an engine.

Posted: 28/08/2005 23:17:35
By: Alan F
Champion Motors
Unit 12b
West Station Industrial Estate
01621 857444.

Posted: 28/08/2005 23:59:55
By: Ancient Geek
Any one got a car trailer or A frame, so I can get Mark's car back from deepest essex?

Posted: 29/08/2005 21:46:52
By: Alan F

As far as I know you only need a rigid bar - should be less than 50 quid from halfords.


Posted: 30/08/2005 12:25:15
By: Jon
I have done some research and it isn't legal to tow an unbraked trailer that weights over 750kg. You can only use a bar/ a-frame / dolly / towrope  to recover a broken down car to a safe location.

from the National Trailer and Towing Association FAQ

Posted: 30/08/2005 17:07:17
By: Alan F
Almost worth joining the AA they rigid bar towed my sons car from Cambridhe to Chipping Campden all free its only £36.00 a year for all the family.

Posted: 30/08/2005 17:10:44
By: Ancient Geek
You obviously have great purchasing power, AA Family Cover with basic 'Relay' including the 15% online discount shows up at £131.

Anyway, I have dioscovered that my wife & my breakdown cover also covered towing this car, so it is safely at home as of 10 minutes ago. Soon to be marketed on e-bay.

Posted: 30/08/2005 17:17:11
By: Alan F
Glad you've cracked it been members of the AA as a family since 1930! I've obviously inherited grand pa and pa's subs!

Posted: 30/08/2005 17:40:22
By: Ancient Geek
A bit of shameless promotion, but any one with a bit of time could pick up a bargain from our misfortune. Will give you the full warts and all history if you are interested in bidding

Posted: 02/09/2005 10:16:57
By: Alan F
shameless indeed! that's almost as bad as sticking an RS add in the boats for sale!

Posted: 02/09/2005 11:36:21
By: john
At least it was towing a Merlin when it self destructed!

Posted: 02/09/2005 12:18:19
By: Alan F


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