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If you tried the bike try this one!

4 men are (A B C & D) buried up to their necks in the ground. They can not move so can only look forward. Between A and B is a brick wall which can not be seen through. They know that between them are 4 hats, 2 x black and 2 x white, but they do not know which colour they are wearing. In order to avoid being shot one of them must call out to the executioner the colour of their hat. If they get it wrong, everyone will be shot. They are not allowed to talk to each other and have 10 minutes to fathom it out.

After 1 minute:

Q Which one of them calls out ?

Q. Why is he 100% certain of the colour of his hat ?

This is not a trick question. There are no outside influences nor other ways of communicating. They cannot move and are buried in a straight line. So A & B can only see their respective sides of the brick wall, C can see B and D can see B & C.

Posted: 24/02/2005 16:52:08
By: Harold G Twincy
D is the only one who can call out and he will only call out if both b & c are wearing the same colour hats.

Posted: 24/02/2005 17:01:47
By: Practical Person
C will answer the opposite to what B is wearing because, if he was wearing the same as B, then D would have already called out.

Posted: 24/02/2005 17:41:18
By: Obvious
a man walks into a bar .....ouch

Posted: 24/02/2005 18:02:36
By: joker
No cigars yet!

Posted: 24/02/2005 18:15:53
By: Harold G Twincy
After 1 minute C calls out.  If D could see 2 hats of the same colour he would call immediately, so B and C are wearing one white and one black between them.  He is wearing the other hat - if he can see a white one it's black etc.

Posted: 25/02/2005 10:05:19
By: AndrewM
That's been tried though...........

Posted: 25/02/2005 10:05:54
By: AndrewM
This originated at the RAF fast jet training school at RAF Valley.  A class of 10 trainee "Top Guns" from the Fleet Air Arm and Royal Airforce all got the correct answer in under a minute. Non of you have yet. But then compared with a Sea Harrier a  Merlin Rocket is deady easy to drive. Though paradoxically I can think of a lot of pilots who sail thpough none who've done really well at boat speed! No doubt someone will show me to be wrong.

Posted: 25/02/2005 10:15:59
By: Aviator
Could we have the answer please - posted as a separate thread so those that want to carry on torturing themselves still can!

Posted: 25/02/2005 12:36:16
By: Man Friday
I think you will find there are already 2 correct answers above !!

Posted: 25/02/2005 12:57:30
By: Knowitall
Thats what I thought but Mr T says apparently not?

Posted: 25/02/2005 13:04:50
By: Man Friday
A calls out!!
As B,C & D are systematically executed after getting it wrong, their hats fly in the air as the bullets strike and are visible above the wall allowing A to work out his hats colour.

Posted: 25/02/2005 13:13:07
By: Confusios
As it is not mathemetical, as otherwise D would be the only certainty if he saw two colours ahead he would have the oppersite and there is a possiblity that D could see both B & W thus only having 50% chance, and thus that has been deemded incorrect, then perhaps it is physical, assuming they are burried up to their necks in sand in a desert during the middle of the day, either one of the prisoners with a black hat would call out after 1 minute once they feel their head warming up.

Posted: 25/02/2005 13:26:39
By: Alan Fuller
they all wait till the harriers fly by, blow their hats off and - voila!

Posted: 25/02/2005 13:26:51
By: snowed under
But there are no outside influences, which would include the weather, which is of course impossible, so therefore it must be a mathematical problems as it is theorectical, and it isn't a trick question!


Posted: 25/02/2005 13:30:39
By: Alan Fuller
....could be on a slope? but no tricks we are told  - still think C is correct!

Posted: 25/02/2005 14:26:16
By: Man Friday
Agree with Friday that it is C.  D would make the call only if B and C are the same colour hats. C is therefore in prime position to know this.  Poor old A and B haven't got a clue as they can't see what anyone is wearing.  They might be manic depressives tired of life and waiting for the weekend to arrive and call out in the hope that they are wrong and in this way end it all (PS it might help if they hated C and D as well)

Posted: 25/02/2005 14:45:40
By: Friday and fed up
Yes, C would, as D didn't make the call, but would C only wait 1 minute?   If D was a bit dense and hadn't worked it out in time then C would get it wrong.

However if C waited 9 minutes, to make sure D had time to make a choice, he would run the risk that one of the others would panic and make a wild guess on the basis that 50% chance of living is better than 0%.

Posted: 25/02/2005 18:11:30
By: Alan Fuller
get back 2 work!

Posted: 25/02/2005 18:34:19
By: lala
D does not call out, so B assumes that B and C must have different colour hats as B knows that D can see B and C.

B can see C, and in the knowledge (D has not shouted out) that he has a different colour hat to C, B shouts out the opposite colour to C.

D would have shouted immediately. so it must be B shouting after one minute. B trusts that Mr D is not having a laugh on this one

Posted: 26/02/2005 10:57:01
By: answer

got my B and C mixed around there! could have been deadly in the circumstances.....

D does not call out, so C assumes that B and C must have different colour hats as B knows that D can see B and C.

C can see B, and in the knowledge (D has not shouted out) that he has a different colour hat to B, C shouts out the opposite colour to B.

D would have shouted immediately. so it must be C shouting after one minute. C trusts that Mr D is not having a laugh on this one

Posted: 26/02/2005 10:59:02
By: answer
you guys need to get out more

Posted: 26/02/2005 14:10:45
By: lala


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