Topic : New sails for old(ish) merl

I've heard lots of stuff about different sailmakers cutting sails to suit newer / older / blah blah blah masts.

Is it generally acceptable to just rock up to my local sailmaker with my boat in tow and say "Please Mr sailmaker, make me a sail to make this tub go fast" or should I aim for a certain specialist sailmaker?



Posted: 23/02/2005 21:00:51
By: Jon 3389
They should be keen with a track record for good fast sails albeit in other classes, not suffer from tunnel vision or motormouth fresh out of uni.
Willing to work with & for you, you would be surprised to see how many top sailors have gone off on this route in the past.
Having said that the current sailmakers in the class are very good at what they do, as an Ex pro sailmaker I'd say you'll have to do well to find better. Don't just look at the costs, any new saildeveloper should not be held back by inferior cloth or lack of development time, good luck. Barry

Posted: 23/02/2005 21:32:32
By: Barry Watkin


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