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A friend of mine has a Procter 9D (2122) only 2 were built both by Bob Hoare. I assume this was a further modification of the 9B perhaps Bob's own modification! Does anyone have any further info?

Posted: 22/02/2005 16:40:49
By: Mike Liggett
Try Ex Chairman Pat he had a lot of IX somethings from Hoare in 60/70's

Posted: 22/02/2005 17:37:11
By: Barry
Chris Barlow from the CVRDA has 2121 b(also a IXD) suggest you put a post on the association forum

Posted: 23/02/2005 07:38:29
By: Mark Collyer
Many thanks for info Barry & Mark will follow up.

Posted: 24/02/2005 14:20:06
By: Mike Liggett
Why not ask Bob Hoare?!  He is always pleased to talk about Merlins and still wins races in Flying Fifteens.  Contact him at Poole via Graham Scroggie (handbook).  Dan alsop

Posted: 24/02/2005 21:57:18
Yes I did have some boats back then but a lot of stuff has happened since!
By 1968, when 2122 was built, the Proctor Mk9 was more than a decade old - the Canterbury Tales of it's time.
Bob Hoare was building very fast boats and sailing in the class so I expect these 9ds were good but probably close to the time when the first wide boats - 'What Nots' and 'Expectants' were making a big change to the development of our class.
So Mike, I am not sure where that leaves your friend's 9d now - if it's in good nick I would say it is probably a fine old ship - definatley a candidate for Mervyn's Vintage Wing.

Posted: 24/02/2005 23:17:05
By: Pat Blake


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