Topic : Guest speaker on racing

I want to organise a guest speaker to come to Wembley to do an evening midweek presentation on racing skills. We will pay a reasonable price plus expenses. Ideally a 'name' but key is the presentation skills
Has anybody any ideas and contact details

Posted: 22/02/2005 11:10:48
By: Col B
You could try David Robinson, he talks very well or Chris Law but past Rocketeers. Someone is bound to know how to find them I'll not put their contact details  on the WWW. 
Better idea Stuart Jardine, - Lymington. or C/O his pa Mark Y&Y on line.

Posted: 22/02/2005 11:44:17
By: Oldman of the sea
Sorry to be a bit thick but what are the credentials of mssrs Jardine and Robinson

Posted: 22/02/2005 14:11:56
By: Col B
jardint wone j 24 nationals numerous times went to olympics in 19diddlysquat and has won the x boat class in Cowes, generally about 90 in the fleet, several times.  He is around 70 but a young fit 70

Posted: 22/02/2005 14:34:56
By: interested
David Robinson is a former MR Champion helm (I think crewed by Nigel Appleton.) nearly won as a rew in 1966, he won the Burton Trophy Crewed by Barry Dunning! and God knows what besides was Olympic coach in 1969-72 and has a lifetime of wining as a helm and crew, Stuart and his twin Adrian have a host of National 12 including the Burton Stuart shared a MR with James Ramus in the 60's has a lifetimes experience of winning yacht races olympic campaigns etc etc. He still beats the young in the XOD's. If you don't learn from history you are doomed to make the same mistakes.

Posted: 22/02/2005 14:45:29
By: Oldman of the sea
So there you are ColB incidentally Stuart is a real Colonel Royal Engineers. There is a real life beyond the Welsh Harp!

Posted: 22/02/2005 14:46:39
By: Interested
If you can't get Stuart Jardine a 5th best might be Barry Dunning (Former Clown Prince of MR Class.)who does this sort of thing for a living. I don't know how good his presentation skills are which are not in doubt with Stuart.

Posted: 22/02/2005 15:15:11
By: Lymington Man
Try Steve Cockerill - he does it for a living and is a great enthusiast  See Rooster website.  I would recommend asking someone who is racing currently at the top level and he certainly is.

Incidentally, This August Stewart Jardine is racing in the same boat with the same crew as when he first won the XOD championships 50 years ago. Pretty unique - but then all Royal Engineers are, by definition, ubique

Posted: 22/02/2005 15:27:34
By: JC
Some good leads here I will send Frodo, Sam and Pippin to search them out in the land beyond Wembley. It must be a dark and dangerous world
thanks for the leads

Posted: 22/02/2005 15:39:15
By: Col B
Yes but Stuart is a Corinthian Sailor and more likely to be on the same wave length than the gung ho pros like Cockerill.

Posted: 22/02/2005 17:36:09
By: Lymington Man


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