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Number: 3558
Price: £3500

Added: 16/10/2021

Enlarge photo of Boat 3558
Enlarge photo of Boat 3558
Enlarge photo of Boat 3558
Enlarge photo of Boat 3558
Enlarge photo of Boat 3558
Design: Let It Ride
Boat Name: Mutineer of Shoreham
Builder: Kevin Driver
Location: Brighton

*Reduced* Mutineer of Shoreham is a beautiful example of a Let It Ride (a fast Canterbury Tales variant) by Kevin Driver.  As the design guide says, "they were sought after in their time and are rare, only nine were built.  All of these were raced hard, but were maintained by their initial owners regardless of cost. If still in good condition one of these should still be able to get to the very front of the fleet in the right hands."

Mutineer of Shoreham is in pristine condition.  It has not been raced as hard as it should - it needs to get out of the garage!  It was commissioned by Charlie Hadfield, in 1999, who very sadly passed away only a few years later.  I bought the boat in 2009.  I have sailed it very little, but I have tried to look after it well.

Charlie's spec for the boat was 'strong, light, fast and pretty.  Wood all best quality. Finish best quality, no compromise'..    To quote the Design Guide "beautifully constructed in wood" "equipped with a high specification rig"   ...and definitely "not put together with cost in mind."   A  massive investment in money, time and love went into this boat and it has been a pleasure owning, looking after, and sailing it ...a little,  not enough.

This boat needs to be sailed and shown off by someone who will love it.

Chipstow Mast and Boom
Twin poles
Fully adjustable rig (puller, lowers, shrouds, jib - not single string raking)
Carbon fixed rudder plus IYE lifting wood blade rudder.
Two suits of sails (Morrison - old, and Speed Sails 2013-ish, lightly used)
Original full beam traveller now replaced by hoop

Comes with:
Sovereign Combi trailer and trolley
New p&b top cover - breathable fabric.
Bottom cover
+ tie down bits.
For a more forensic view of some less than perfect parts of Mutineer, see this link to detail pictures: 
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