Steve & Gill Lenney take Swarkstone win

Steve & Gill Lenney took the win at Swarkstone on Saturday on a wonderfully sunny day with a light and shifty breeze making for interesting sailing. 16 boats made the journey to Swarkstone where the fleet was welcomed with breakfast and a briefing on the shallows.
Two races back to back followed by lunch and then a third deciding race which ultimately resulted in the top 3 being decided in the committee room and not on the water.
Matt Biggs & Ben Hollis finished second with Caroline Croft & Sean Anderson loosing out in the protest to finish third.

Posted: 27/03/2017 09:29:52

Good Forecast for Swarkstone

Breakfast and a warm welcome awaits visitors to Swarkstone for round two of the 2017 HD Sails Midland Circuit. This is one of the events that gets your name into the jib draw if you qualify for the complete circuit.

Posted: 23/03/2017 11:24:48

Biggs & Hollis take Wembley win

Matt Biggs and Ben Hollis took the win at a very windy Wembley Silver Tiller on Sunday, with the wind coming over the dam and more or less apart from the shifts going straight down the water the RO set a triangular course that provided a long beat short reach and a long run that produced some epic wipe outs.
Some gear failure spoilt the fun for some crews but this was a classic Wembley event with a warm welcome and equally warm food to refuel the energy spent hanging on and swimming.

Posted: 20/03/2017 22:14:38

Aspire 2017 National Championship

Thank You to our 2017 Sponsors - Aspire Financial Services
Champs website, Entry Form and NoR - now OPEN
For more info, see - National Champs Website
Also see Forum post - "Aspire 2017 Nationals" for comments, reactions and latest updates 

Posted: 16/03/2017 14:43:45

Team Calvert start 2017 in style

Mike and Jane Calvert took the first win of the 2017 Siler Tiller season with yet another Midland Mug victory at Edgbaston reservoir. Mastering the light and shifty conditions Mikes only complaint was that the boat he had borrowed for the event appeared faster than his own! Chairman Chris Martin crewed by Oli McLean finished second and secured the first win of the 2017 HD Sails Midland Circuit, another Midland SC boat sailed by Rich Adams and Andrew Prosser completed the podium.

Posted: 13/03/2017 09:55:06

2017 HD Sails Midland Circuit

Midland Sailing club are keen and ready to welcome lots of visitors this weekend for the start of the 2017 Silver Tiller circuit at their Edgbaston venue. Racing is set to start at 11am with three races to decide who will take home the Midland Mug and the first win of the 2017 ST series.
Its also the start of the 2017 Midland Circuit which once again has a HD sails as its headline sponsor.
It is our intention to award the 2016 HD Sails Midland Circuit prizes at Midland and to hold our prize draw too.
See you Sunday! 

Posted: 08/03/2017 11:48:07

Midalnd Circuit

The Midland circuit usually comprises eight events on a variety of large ponds, small and large reservoirs and a river, some Midland Circuit events have Silver Tiller Status and others do not. 
For 2017 I have 6 confirmed events as shown on the fixtures list and ongoing negotiations with two others. 
Traditionally entry to the circuit was achieved by living or sailing at a club within sixty miles of Midland sailing club, however we are open to visitors! Four events are required to qualify and should you sail the four Silver Tiller events then you just need to sail one sea event of your choice to qualify on both the Silver Tiller and Midland Circuits. 
The circuit offers close sailing to all members of the Merlin fleet, Olympic Medallist? No problem the circuit will offer you Merlin National championship and other class world championship winners to sail against. Not quite of that ability? Well we offer Silver Tiller winners and club standard wooden spoon winners for you to compete against! In short whatever your ability there is always someone to race on the Midland Circuit. 
Interested? contact Martin Smith on the below email for further details.

Posted: 22/01/2017 00:23:05

14 Merlins set for the Steamer & Steve Nicholson Trophy

14 Merlins from clubs across the country have entered this years Starcross Steamer and the Steve Nicholson Trophy race at Northampton. Looking through the entries I note that the team of Matt Biggs and Ben Hollis have paired up for these events, is this a bit of fun? or the reforming of a once highly competitive team? time will no doubt tell.

Posted: 21/01/2017 09:39:44

New Boat Launch immenent

Having been released from it's mould at Dave Winders Factory of Dreams your Chairman has been busy fitting out his new vessel at the Dinghy Tech / Dirty Hands boatyard over the past few days.
The latest rumour is that this new Merlin will take her maiden voyage and have her name revealed this coming Sunday at Blithfield.
I understand that neither "David Attenborough" (aka Boaty Mc'Boat Face) nor "Stig of the Dump" are contenders for the name which is odd given Chris's "national history" interests and "floordrobe" style of living during Salcombe week :)

Posted: 18/01/2017 23:49:21

Vintage European Merlins to attend SMELT

Living in France but sailing out of the Belgium S.N.E.H. ASBL club Rod Andrew has been busy encouraging other European based Merlin's to give SMELT 2017 ago this Whitsun.
Rod tells us that "around a dozen European based vintage Merlin's from sail number circa 1750 to 3450 have expressed an interest in the event" 
The older boats that attended last time made quite an impact as Tim Fells reported;
"No report of this event would be complete without mention of the extraordinary (one might say eccentric) performance of Francois Podevyn who had brought his 1964 Chippendale Proctor mark XVI down from Belgium. Sailing single handed, dressed in the sailing gear of the time (flat cap, cotton trousers and plimsoles), out in all conditions, flying his spinnaker and showing great seamanship skills, Francois was the undoubted star of the weekend!" 
This Whitsun there are no MROA organised events taking place so if you want a fix of Merlin action with a bit of French Flare irrespective of the age of yourself or your boat then Carnac is the place to be! 

Posted: 18/01/2017 12:09:00