Open Meeting 25/03/2017

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Entry Fee: £TBC
First start: 1100
Races: 3
Launch time: 5 mins

Club: Swarkstone

 Swarkestone Sailing Club is an ideal venue to learn the basics of sailing, to dinghy cruise with friends or family, participate in club racing or just sit on the terrace with a drink and watch the sun set over the water. The modern clubhouse and large dinghy park have facilities and equipment for both disabled sailors and juniors. The lake is about 30 hectares and just over 1 km long. It is suited to dinghies and windsurfers but not high performance asymmetrics or catamarans. Sailing takes place throughout the year with a variety of training courses, club races, open meetings and ‘fun’ regattas. Most of the organised activities take place at the weekend or on a Wednesday but members are free to sail at other times. Club racing is normally held on Sundays throughout the year and on Wednesday evenings from April to October. The club prides itself in being a friendly environment suitable for families and individuals alike. It has a well-equipped clubhouse with a food bar and licensed bar open for social events and on racing days.


 Swarkestone Sailing Club is easy to find. If you come off the A50 at junction 3, follow Swarkestone road until you reach the Crewe and Harpur pub, then over the first bridge, turn right, then first left.
Name: Carl Martin
Phone: 07791069887
Email: Contact